#Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for the presidential election. Hillary Clinton will oppose him. A year back many in America did not give him a chance.

 He was dismissed as a fool who did not know politics. Even now a vast number of editors, writers, and intellectuals refer to his statements with derision as many feels he does not know what he is talking. 

Could it be a fact? If so then its a grave reflection on the American people's intellect. As all are aware Donald at the moment leads Hillary in the polls, and that means he has support. I am sure the vast number of Americans rooting for Donald do not think of him as a maverick or mad man. 

Perhaps he echoes the inner sentiments of many people; the silent American, who sits at home and wants to get on with life comfortably.

Donald's statement

One of the comments of Donald that have drawn a lot of flack is that the world was better off when the two dictators Saddam and Gaddafi were in power. He repeated this again in an address at Louisana where he said Saddam was a bad guy, but he knew how to deal with terrorists. 

Donald Trump is a man who has been accused of many things, and one of them is that he is going against the vision of the founding fathers. Many people find fault with his praise of Saddam. Is the statement of Donald a praise for Saddam? 

Perhaps it's a statement that is more realistic than many of his critics articulate. Nothing is static in this world. Napoleon after Waterloo was the most hated man in Europe and yet today the French regard him a great hero.


Saddam is an enigma. There is no doubt he was a tyrant.

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But despite whatever the liberals say, can anyone dispute the fact that Iraq was free of Al Qaeda and its ilk (Daesh had not appeared) when Saddam was around. 

He executed extremists who opposed him by the hundreds.The deaths under Saddam are a fraction of the deaths that occur now in Iraq.

Whatever Donald has said can be contested, but give the man his viewpoint as well. The vast number of Americans have been listening to him and don't find him objectionable.  

His comments regarding John McCain being a war hero stating that being a POW was not heroic is a case in point. Many found this statement in poor taste, but it does not seem to have affected his support. 

As writers,  our job is also to articulate the feelings of what people think.The intelligentsia will try and superimpose its thoughts, but it does not necessarily mean that they are right. Donald Trump is an outspoken man, but what he says perhaps rings a bell with the average American sitting at home

Last word

A few months back I had attended a gathering at the NW University in Chicago where my son is a student. In that gathering everybody lambasted Trump, but a friend told me don't think of what they say here, these people do not know what Americans feel, Donald will get the nomination. #Election 2016 #NeverTrump