#Donald Trump was a man who was not given any chance of getting the Republican nomination. He was dismissed by the intelligentsia and the intellectuals as a buffoon who stood no chance.

Donald surprised everyone by winning primary after primary and now has won the right to be the Republican nominee for the White House.

Despite this, the press all over the world gave him no chance against Hillary as they felt the American public would see through his ideas as hollow, and he would lose.

Many wrote with glee that he would lose to Hillary. They picked on some of his comments on Muslims and immigrants as an example of an irrational man.

Donald leads

CNN international has now published some startling figures after a nationwide poll. These figures after the Republican convention show Donald for the first time was leading Hillary 44% to 39%.

This gives him a five point lead. These findings are the best show by Donald since  September 2015. As per the surveys, Donald's support rests on greater support from independents who seemed impressed by his speech at the convention.

A point to be borne in mind is that despite the Democratic criticism of the GOP convention and Donald as a divisive force for the nation, the fact is that many people feel that he will unite the country and 42% feel so. This compares with just 34% before the convention.

The CNN/ORC poll was conducted by telephone from July 22-24. This was a random test and cannot be said to represent the true state of affairs as the sample is so small in a country of 325 million.

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The future

Polls aside, the fact is that Donald cannot be written off as was assumed earlier. He is now with a real chance of winning the white house.

In case Donald wins it is an open question whether it will be good or bad for  America. Donald is a man with extreme views, and he has played on the fears of the Americans.

Maybe, they were looking for a man who will break the present establishment. Only time will tell whether the person elected to run the nation is the best man or woman for the job. #Hillary Clinton