Hatred has been at the center of Trump’s campaign for the presidency. Whether that be accusations of racism and sexism, building a wall, or banning Muslim immigrants in the country. Another issue, central to his campaign, has been the elimination of #ISIS.

Democrats created ISIS?

Trump has criticized President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for letting ISIS rise to power. As pointed out in an earlier article at Blasting News, Trump had claimed that Hillary Clinton is the reason ISIS exists; and before the appointment of Hillary as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in 2009, Libya and Egypt were peaceful.

This was clearly established as a lie, as ISIS, or Daesh, was found 5 years earlier, in 2004.

Donald Trump's solution

On a CNN-hosted debate, he had said: "We really have no choice. We have to knock out ISIS. I would listen to the generals, but I'm hearing numbers of 20,000 to 30,000."

#Donald Trump clearly doesn’t understand where ISIS gets its power from. ISIS is not a military powerhouse. It can’t compete with the armies of most countries in the world. It will never risk an open war against any country’s army. In fact, most of its attacks outside the Middle East are carried out in its name by young brainwashed wannabes under the false belief that they are doing the bidding of Allah.

In the aftermath of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Trump proposed a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the US.

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It is through policies like this, Donald Trump will give promotion to the cause of ISIS. ISIS will be able to pinpoint to the President of the US, and tell Muslims all over the world, that they are in extreme danger. That, they can either join ISIS or live in a world where they are victims of such attacks.

Trump will Radicalize

It is highly improbable that Trump will be able to make such policies come real, due to the existence of power checks by the Legislative branches of the US government. But having the President of the biggest Superpower in the world spew hatred will create enough fear among Muslims of being treated like third-class citizens, and make them sympathize with extremist organizations.

A Trump presidency will lead to the radicalization of both the American right wing and the Islamic right wing, resulting only in the benefit of ISIS.

Those people who are supporting Trump, due to a belief that he will take a definite stance against ISIS, will be in for a surprise, as he is only capable of aggravating the situation, and not solving the very complex issue that is terrorism, especially one that has a religious identity attached to it. #Election 2016