His emergence as the presumptive candidate of the Republican party has been surprising, to say the least, but the world ccould be in for yet another shocker come November. #Hillary Clinton and indeed, the Democrats must not be complacent thinking they are going to have an easy run. These are some of the reasons #Donald Trump could win and win big;

Firstly, the Brexit experience has proven that political participation determines election results. Individuals who are actively involved in politics will determine where the pendulum swings. Opposition parties and those disgruntled by the liberal system vented their anger by voting against British membership of the E.U.

The consciousness of the electorate and their will to passionately go all out is premised upon their quest to change and remove governments that do not represent them or appeal to their bias. Despite heavy showers in parts of Britain on the day the referendum was held, it was the burning desire to leave the E.U. among anti-Brexit voters that counted. Those who challenge the status-quo are often more active than those who occupy the political space.

The fight of their lives.

To conservatives in Europe, the United States, and Canada, political participation has become a form of social movement - it is unrelenting and persuasive. Donald Trump’s supporters are fighting the fight of their lives and they understand that they have a weapon which is their vote. Democrats flaunt about the pedigree of Clinton and her experience and they often argue that Trump appeals to the uneducated Americans and racist misogynists like himself.

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They also make reference to the statistical analysis of voting patterns and trend, the favorability, and non-favorability of Trump’s candidacy among Hispanics, Latinos, African Americans, and Muslims. However, they have failed to analyze the role of political participation in the voting patterns of these people compared to the supposedly available 30% White voters for Trump. They accuse Trump of being loud, arrogant and a clown, yet they fail to understand that passionate, lousy, charismatic individuals often have the most passionate supporters who are willing to go the extra mile for their role model or perceived savior. Hitler, Napoleon, Benito Mussolini, and Lenin are perfect examples.

Clinton's low credit rating.

They have also deliberately ignored the fact that Hillary Clinton’s credit ratings have been low in recent weeks. Many insist that she cannot be trusted, while others are of the opinion that her candidacy serves the interest of Wall Street. Voter apathy may occur even among Democrats who feel shortchanged and aggrieved by the recent email documents which reveal how Hilary was the anointed candidate.

In the wake of incessant terror attacks across Europe, migration issues will be Trump’s strong point in coming weeks leading to the election.

Clinton's denial or failure to accept the threat posed by Radical Islam could be her greatest undoing. Since it may be difficult to understand who is who, accepting thousands of Migrants from Syria and Afghanistan could turn the tide in favor of Trump. Trump and his GOP supporters will rely on the existence of a common enemy or what is referred as scapegoats, to achieve their ambition. Therefore, that Donald Trump could win and be in the White House is no longer an illusion and it could be as real as Brexit. #Election 2016