Megyn Kelly is emerging as a hero in this Roger Ailes debacle and Gretchen Carlson is right behind her when it comes to receiving kudos for coming forward, but are people forgetting something? According to both Kelly and Carlson, some of these incidents of sexual harassment were a decade old. Despite the timeline, this type of harassment should not be tolerated and if Ailes is guilty he should be held accountable. He has resigned from FOX News network, effective immediately, according to Fox today.

We can be heroes

By staying quiet all these years these two female Fox News personalities did nothing more than pave the way for other women to suffer the indignities that both Carlson and Kelly are claiming they suffered.

If the claims are true, then Ailes needs to go, there's no place in today's world for someone who preys on women, period. But what about Kelly and Carlson? Both seem to suggest that Ailes festered a certain culture by coming forth with their sexual harassment claims, so how could they keep quiet and potentially put other unsuspecting women at risk of falling prey, again, like they claim they did?

Injustice to co-workers?

If these accusations are found to be true, then they did absolutely nothing for the women coming up in the ranks behind them. Carlson kept quiet until she realized her days with Fox were done, which was when she learned that Ailes didn't renew her contract. She then used this information in what some feel is a retaliation move. Glenn Beck seemed somewhat proud of his former co-worker Kelly in his Facebook post below.

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You can see in the post that it's obvious there is no love lost between him and Ailes. Beck even cites Ailes as one of the reasons he left Fox News. He had his say about Ailes along with praising Kelly, according to The Western Journal.  

Opportunists come knocking

Kelly made a brand for herself via all the career moves awarded her by Ailes and now that she's so big, Fox will never ditch her. She probably knows that her fate at Fox is sealed, so speaking out at this time most likely won't put her job at risk. A true hero would have stopped Ailes in his tracks years ago, by bringing the allegations forth when they happened. If not for herself, but to make sure no one else suffers the fate she claims that she did.

Kelly didn't risk a thing by saying her piece today. Same with Carlson, she stayed and advanced her career, but now that she's got nothing to lose, she comes forth. From what Carlson's lawyer has said, there are more women coming forth, so it appears that Ailes would have been a serial sexual harasser if these allegations are proven true.

Accountability comes to roost 

Didn't Kelly or Carlson care enough about their younger and newer colleagues to report Ailes earlier than today? Again, nothing should be taken away from the severity of these claims, if this happened, it was horrific and Ailes needs to be held accountable. 

If these allegations are proven true, Kelly and Carlson should also be held accountable for keeping quiet for the sake of their career. They certainly don't appear to be women who are concerned with empowering other women today. They appear somewhat selfish by sitting on this information and leaving their newer female colleagues sitting ducks when it comes to being exposed to sexual harassment that they claim happened to them.

Yet, people praise Kelly and Carlson for coming forward, instead of asking that all important question as to why they waited so long, leaving others at risk?  Are they heroes, opportunists or a little bit of both? 

Roger Ailes resigns effective immediately

Fox News announced today that Roger Ailes has resigned, which is effective immediately. Rupert Murdoch will step in during the search for a replacement. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that although Fox has not released the terms of his resignation, sources say that Ailes will walk away with $40 million, which is the remainder of his contract that was set to expire in 2018.