As difficult as this question might seem to you, your boss might not be aware that you are unhappy with your job. I started working from a relatively young age and grew to think that I must do my tasks even if I don’t like them. This idea was conceived in my head because I always thought that if I bring up to my boss the things I do not like, it might end up with me losing my job.

Companies these days are strict and severe in some fields and could not afford to lose productivity, quality and time efficiency. Knowing this, they would quickly look for the best candidate that could replace an agent or worker, and such a thing would only stop us from speaking our minds about the things we do not like about our work, as people are lined up to take the jobs that you are doing.

Boss leads to stress and stress makes you unhappy

It is time to suffer no more. Each of us has qualities in different ways and persons can never be replaced because of them. You were hired because that boss saw something in you. Don’t be afraid and show your employer that you can still be valuable to him in a different way. You are not limited to a single task and you should not force yourself to do something you don’t like.

When we do our jobs with pleasure, our productivity skyrockets, and a smart employers should know that as well. He will always strive to get the best agents out there and not necessarily for their five-page resumes, but for the unique factors that differentiate them from others. Knowing this, that employer will consider you a valuable asset.

You are good at what you do but not fit for the job?

This is from my personal job experience, which made me realize that I am not stuck with one particular task, especially one that I do not like.

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The company I work at handles several projects, each one with different tasks and different areas of activity. With my job-related abilities, I am able to handle most of the projects but I don’t necessarily like all of them because of their differences.

The project I was working at did not bring the best of my skills and made me feel like I was not progressing with my professional development. In less than a month my productivity was visibly dropping. It soon felt like a routine and eventually placed me in a very unhappy mood. I thought that it would’ve been a matter of time until I got fired, but that wasn’t the case. My employer asked to talk to me and he told me he did not like to see me depressed from doing something I don’t like. So my boss asked me if I wanted to try something else. The next month I was already working with a smile on my face, to the point where I enjoyed arriving at work sooner than my regular shift.

Don’t act based on your unfulfilled expectations

When your work gets you depressed, you might start acting rigidly and when the time comes to speak to your boss, you might take it out on him for the wrong reason.

A leader will always want his business to work well and every feedback will help him understand the pain-points and challenges. Speak with your boss when the time comes as he will listen to what you have to say and eventually reach a common ground. There is a possibility you have a stubborn boss who doesn’t listen to reasoning, but times have changed, and business owners rely on us more than we think because our skills have progressed and the value we bring to them is hardly replaceable.

Speak your mind, you might be satisfied. If you feel you cannot reach a common ground, well, there are many other workplaces where your value will be recognized. #Health