Pokémon is one of my childhood’s all-time favorite series. Years have passed and our priorities and passions have changed. However, I jumped like a little child when I found out that a mobile application is now reviving the Pokémon universe.More than that, it combines a classic phone game with virtual reality and you don’t need any fancy glasses. All it takes is your own Smartphone.Pokémon GO is an application compatible with the iPhone and the Android Operating Systems. For the moment it is only available in a few countries including Australia and the USA.

Journey through your city and catch Pokémon

First, you need to open the application, and then you connect with your Gmail account. Afterwards you will have the possibility of creating your character. A guide will pop up with instructions of what you need to do in order to catch Pokémon. It is important that your GPS system remains active and you have a continuous internet connection as long as you use the application.

The whole idea is to walk through your city (yes, explore the real world) and try to catch the Pokémon that show up on the way.

While exploring the city (thanks to your GPS) a virtual map of your city is created. You can find the so-called Poke Shops, marked on the map with blue, where you can acquire useful items like poke balls, eggs for incubation, etc.

Finding the monsters

While exploring the city and the game’s map at the same time, a Pokémon might appear. Each appearance is signaled with a short vibration of your telephone and a sound notification as well. You will need to touch the monster that appears on your screen in order to proceed to catching it.

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This is where things get interesting. The application opens your photo camera and due to the virtual reality, the Pokémon will appear on your screen through the caption that your camera sees.

You will then need to throw a poke ball towards it and then it will be added to your colored animals collection. In fact, the types of Pocket Monsters that you encounter will differ depending on the area you explore. For instance, grass Pokémon will always be found in parks, while the earth type can be found in subways and of course, psychic types can be found near offices.

Once your collection increases, so does your experience and your level as well. Gyms can also be found on the map, but they can only be accessed once you reach level 5.

Pros and cons

The application is based on movement, so instead of taking the bus, you will most likely prefer walking. You could encounter them even by car, but as it moves faster, you will most likely miss many of them. The virtual map will also give you descriptions of the place you explore and some of them also appear as poke shops on your virtual map.The application needs to be constantly opened, so you will need to keep a close eye on it in order to find Pokémon, which could lead to a lack of attention to your surroundings.Overall, the application is a great and funny experience and the virtual reality has its own charm.

Hopefully, the application will be available in more countries soon enough.

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