I recently read how Facebook operates the friend suggesting program and I found it a little odd. Before going into debates on whether or not Facebook has some hidden motives, I only wanted to pin the actual potential Facebook might really have.

It’s accessing our GPS function

The company is currently collecting data from our phone’s GPS in order to identify users with whom you might be accustomed. Be them a neighbor or a co-worker for instance. As stated by the Fusion website, it could be a privacy disaster.

Facebook is able to continuously read our location in real time as long as the application is installed, thus providing us with accurate suggestions. One of the Facebook spokesmen confirmed the information but insisted that the function reads other criteria as well in order to suggest friends. It checks for our schools, workplace, common friends, contacts that were imported from e-mail accounts and/or other sources.

The function can be deactivated

There is an easy way to stop Facebook from reading your location by just going into the settings of your account and access the location tab in order to deactivate it.

That way, Facebook won’t be updated with your location anymore.

Even so, Facebook still has access to too much information

We “breath” Facebook and we cannot just toss it away. But to what extent are we actually aware of the fact that Facebook is perhaps collecting too much personal information about our lives? Whenever we check-in, we post on the newsfeed, we update our education and activity, Facebook knows.

Does this mean Facebook is the most informed program in the world? Not only informed, but the best one to actually react based on the collected information. Facebook is present in our houses and pockets and is constantly on the run thanks to us. It knows almost everything we like and need based on our updates. Knowing this, some people are really concerned of the power Facebook holds and even if we deactivate some tracking options, we still feed it proactively.

Just a thought, not a conspiracy

Maybe I just watched too many sci-fi movies in my life, but when a program tends to know too much information, isn’t this troublesome?

This fear should not come from the application itself, as most of the time it is actually doing what we ask of it. That is why Facebook is one of our best “friends”. But what would happen if by any chance, someone who is not authorized gets access to all the information Facebook has managed to store all this time? From the pictures of my cat, to corporate-related data, many of these such pieces of information cannot do harm by themselves as most of them are already public, but I always thought that perhaps one person’s trash could be another person’s treasure.

We may never know how the information collected by Facebook can be used against us, because up until now this concept never reached backfiring levels. However, it is unsettling how much information one company could have about every one of us. If you ask me, Facebook knows about everything that happens in the world.

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