You know, hiring onto your presidential campaign a disgraced committee chair with a class action lawsuit against her linked to your own possible primary election fraud is about as insane as starting a religion based on aliens inhabiting people’s souls and some made up concept called thetan levels. It’s also about as bad as using Tom Cruise as your primary spokesperson, whose couch jumping tirade in celebration of his romance ended with his wife leaving him publically over that insane religion based on aliens inhabiting people’s souls.

It’s around this point I start wishing that many of these politicians were, in fact, aliens from different planets, as then they wouldn’t qualify to run for President.


Or, I start wishing that they were Tom Cruise, because then they would not, in fact, be running for President. But obviously, I never get what I wish for.

The disgraced committee chairperson

So who is this disgraced committee chairperson? Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Convention, has been cited, as have many in the Democratic party, of manufacturing voter consent for Hillary Clinton. Basically, the Democratic party made up their minds as early as 2013, some say, to make her their candidate. Even if the rigging did not date back that far, it certainly started before the primaries, and Wasserman Schultz, who worked with Clinton’s 2008 campaign as a co-chair, did as much Clinton machine manufacturing as she could to ensure that Hillary Clinton won, whether voters wanted her or not.

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The Clinton Campaign luckily was able to protect Hillary Clinton’s name from too much exposure in this field, squaring the blame purely at Wasserman-Schultz. This allowed Hillary to escape the fate of Jeb Bush since Clinton could misdirect blame to a scapegoat. Interestingly, without that scapegoat, who basically sacrificed her career for Hillary, it’s questionable if Hillary would be the nominee.

However, Hillary’s link with Wasserman Schultz did not end there

You’d think that if Hillary Clinton were smart and wanted to make herself look not involved, she’d cut the chord with Wasserman Schultz. Perhaps as a very public thank you present, and demonstration that she doesn’t give a crap about how the voters perceive this action (since she probably knew all along she didn’t need to care about the voters in her party), Hillary made an interesting move.


Clinton awarded Wasserman Schultz after her resignation with a new career—honorary chair to then 50-state program, promoted by the Clinton Campaign. However, maybe Hillary forgot that without Wasserman Schultz in the driver’s seat of the DNC, she does kind of need to pay attention to the voters. You know, ignoring votes during a presidential election when it now, in fact, counts are kind of an idiot move but there’s nothing that’s surprising any of us anymore in this election. In fact, it wouldn’t shock me if I woke up tomorrow and this election turned into the film Sweeney Todd, part 2, with Donald Trump as Todd and Clinton as Mrs. Lovett, because really, that’s kind of what your election choices look like right now, don’t they?

You know, after reviewing the goings on here of Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton, I’m basically to the point where I kind of wish aliens could inhabit people’s souls. Because if they did, then maybe people like these ladies would actually have souls, even if we wouldn’t have a clue what kinds of souls they were.

It’s got to be better than being going without a soul.

Heck, anything’s better than voting for Todd or Lovett at this point.