The Clintons are tiring, an increasing number of Americans are politically exhausted by their relentless often embarrassing scandals and behaviors. Richard Nixon must be rolling over in his grave with laughter. For eight years then-president Bill Clinton personified a redneck womanizer, destroying the lives of women, mostly low-level government workers, and leaving them to drown in his toxic political wake. Through the years, he and Hillary, more like political associates than man and wife, schemed, lied and blamed all of their scandals on a vast right-wing conspiracy. Meanwhile, throughout the Clinton administration, responsible parents across America did their best to explain the president’s unseemly behavior year after year for two long terms.

Hillary claimed the Clintons left the White House “dead broke”; we all know that was just another lie, after all, this is the same Hillary who receives hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech from Wall Street bankers and lives in a New York mansion worth millions of dollars that by the way is wired to accommodate most any old computer server.

Who's Bill been dating lately?

Fast forward to 2016 and we don’t even know who Bill has been "dating" over the past decade or what the FBI has learned about Hillary's apparent inability to handle even the most basic national security issues. One thing is for sure: if Hillary becomes president we will have at least four more years to find out.

The latest Clinton stink surfaced in Phoenix. Airportgate took off, Bill climbed aboard a private jet on a Phoenix tarmac and met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who happens to be presiding over the FBI criminal investigation of Hillary.

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After a local reporter got wind of the secret meeting, Obama’s top lawyer explained to the press (with trademark feigned naivety) that Bill had stopped by her parked jet to catch up on grandchildren and golf. As conflicts of interest go, this is a tsunami as opposed to a political ripple. Enough so that Lynch has assured the country that she will accept the FBI’s ruling on Hillary.

Lynch claims she has no role

I don’t have a role in these findings,” Lynch said at a summit in Colorado. “They (investigators) are acting independently.” Why shouldn’t we believe her? After all, she’s not a throw-away like Gennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinsky. In fact, Lynch could stain Hillary’s campaign at will and she’s holding the keys to the White House as far as Clinton is concerned. Of course, that would mean Republican Donald Trump wins in November; this means Democrats must keep Hillary afloat then. Lynch, looking like a deer in the headlights, has scrambled to put a self-serving lid on this particular Clintonesque affair, sensing the story has legs.

The administration must now find a way to save the Clintons from themselves which promised to be a messy rescue even before Airportgate. To boot, Lynch, like Obama’s last Attorney General, is politically expendable. “I certainly won’t do it again,” Lynch said. “It has cast a shadow over this.”

But what did Lynch mean by “this?” Is "this" the FBI and Justice Department’s criminal investigation of Hillary or her bosses' legacy? In fact, according to Bill Clinton, we have to define what is, is, before we can understand what “this” is. For decades, the Clintons defined what “is, is for the American people and voters accepted their definition even though they discovered “is” was really just the Clintons lying to them. So the question becomes, do you believe that Lynch is telling you the truth about “this”? If so, what is this?  Bill met with Lynch privately on her plane to yak about grandchildren and golf in the heat of a criminal investigation of his wife, according to Lynch. Now she is attempting to define “this” for the American people just as surely as “is” was defined for them in the mid-1990s by Bill.

The only thing certain to a majority of Americans is that "this" is what the next four years would be like under co-president Clintons. #Democratic Party #Democrats vs Republicans #Hillary Clinton