So, you’d think the first female to win her party’s favor as frontrunner for the office of President of the United States, making her the first woman to serve as President, would generate about as much interest as Barak Obama did eight years ago, elected as the first African-American President in our nation’s history. You’d think that people would be excited and interested, right?

Clinton’s not moving people anywhere but toward the door

Well, they’re not. In fact, her own party is hardly interested in her speeches, nor is her husband. So, what’s the problem with the concept of this possibly first female President, and why is she not generating much hype? The woman is Hillary Clinton—that’s why.

And most of America is tired of her, and the lies and the scandal that have surrounded the Clinton Foundation as well as the Clinton name.

Clinton’s speech Thursday roused few

In fact, everybody is so tired of her, Thursday’s speech at Philadelphia’s Democratic National Convention demonstrated about half or her party walking out on her before she even finished her speech. She was interrupted nearly twenty times, not for applause, but for jeers. All of that does not bode well for Hillary Clinton, and it seems that her party as well as America is just exhausted after so many years of hearing from her. Really, this should come as no surprise, since most Americans have heard her lie and change her mind so often, nobody even really knows what she stands for anymore.

Not even Bill made it through

And apparently, her own husband is so tired of her, even he fell asleep during her speech.

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That’s right, Bill Clinton nodded off during Hillary Clinton’s speech. Nobody is probably more exhausted after so many years of hearing from her than he is. As Hillary talked about ISIS and mentioned how the United States would prevail, apparently Bill Clinton could not prevail over how tired even he is of her, and fell asleep. So if you missed the speech, don’t worry. Unless you needed to jeer, walk out on somebody during a speech, or find some boring white noise to help you fall asleep quickly, you didn’t miss much. #News #Democratic Party #Democrats vs Republicans