Since Prehistoric times, the climate has always changed and it will always change. Despite our scientific exploits which distinguish us from animals (homo sapiens), it is evident that there are indeed forces of nature which humanity will never be able to control. While it may not be difficult to control social issues which are constantly a threat to our existence, solving this critical issue has been rather slow, notwithstanding, it seems the various accord and conventions have not yielded any measurable result. Countries make a pledge and promise to cut emissions but economic realities, political changes, and public outcry soon renders conventions null and void.

Extreme weather conditions 

California wildfires, super storms, earthquakes, super volcanoes, Tsunamis, flash floods, solar storms, heat waves, a comet hitting our planet and other extreme weather are some of the demons to nature’s aesthetics and splendor and no multi-million dollar investment or mere reduction of greenhouse emissions can stop. When nature is furious, it pays no attention to life, property, and doesn't care about our policies as it rages on. Change is inevitable and climate is not exempted. The denial of such, as to seek to stop the evolutionary cycle goes against the scientific spirit which agrees with the theory of evolution.

Climate change is a critical factor in Darwinian tradition and Scientists should know better. Of what effect will the efforts of the White House in regulating factories in the U.S.

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on emissions have on the living conditions of the people in D.R. Congo? If China cuts emissions, it should do that to clear its skies and not to pretend as if acting on behalf of the human race. However, in the political economy of social policies, it is generally believed that policymakers are more concerned about who gets what, when and how.

To any social problem, there are those who gain. Money is spent on research, while political maneuvering, lobbying and power struggles, foreign policy dynamics and international relations in terms of trade and balance of payment become issues of consideration. Sociologically speaking, Monday is Monday because the society regards it as Monday. We all are configured to believe it is the most important day of work. We are socialized to think that way and act based on social dictates which are nothing but hysteria and for the continued oppression of the poor by the wealthy.

Studies have not been able to establish the fact that #Climate Change policies are sufficient enough to stop a comet, or potent enough to cool the fury furnaces (volcanoes) of Yellow Stone or stop the next super storm on the East coast.

We are indeed racing against time. If the U.N. policies on climate change focus on such human activities that have serious implications for health, life, and livelihood, economic sustainability through agriculture and poverty reduction, the effects of such policies will be measurable and impactful on the lives of people within a geographical location at a particular point in time. Such policies include afforestation, curbing indiscriminate lumbering, protection of waters against oil spillage and such other geographically peculiar problems affecting the eco-system. For now, let the deceptions on the convention table continue, but the world demands a pragmatic action, as if that's possible. #Science