Since the neocons overthrew the American government on Dec. 12th, 2000 and dragged the world into hot wars for profit across the globe, America and the world have been on a deadly march to World War III. Like a schoolyard bully refusing to “give” even as his eyes are blacked, lip split, and head full of lumps, the neocons are willing to destroy America rather than admit defeat.

Neocon world hegemony

There is no winning in bombing the world to bits for in the end, there’s no spoils to claim, only rubble.

The neocons have been successful in occupying the foreign lands they covet yet they have failed to win the hearts and minds of the occupied people. The examples abound in Turkey, Ukraine, Burkina Faso, Yemen, Syria, and on and on. Erdogan has come to the realization that Turkey is aligned with Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, NATO and the EU. When Turkey, with the tacit approval of Washington, blew a Russian fighter jet out of Syria’s sky it was an act of war and could have started World War III had Putin not remained the cool headed adult.

EU and NATO turn on Turkey

The EU and US made a grave error in turning on Recep Erdogan of Turkey. After embedding CIA backed loyalists of Imam Fathullah Gülen in the police, military, universities, schools, and government, they foolishly believed the Turkish people would support NATO and the EU against Erdogan. Once the coup attempt began, NBC News began disseminating false information that Erdogan had fled the country.

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Donald Trump

That false information was disseminated throughout the American media in rapid fire succession. It has now been reported the NBC’s source was former NATO commander, General John F. Campbell.

EU and NATO members whose obligation it was to defend their fellow NATO member remained quiet spectators, waiting for the Gülen terrorists to do their dirty deeds and seize control of the government. But rather than embracing the coup, a deeply disappointed Turkish people rose up against the coup.

As Ozan Ceyhun wrote in The Daily Sabah, “Thanks to the courage of Turkish citizens, media, police and army officers who resisted the coup and defended democracy, the coup attempt was repelled and Turkey was relieved from the dangerous threat of a fascist regime.”

After Erdogan had narrowly escaped the assassination attempt by Gülenist soldiers, John Kerry and the EU issued warnings to Erdogan demanding the Turkish state treat the coup plotters with compassion lest Turkey jeopardize their ascension into the EU. It was only President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people who offered Erdogan and Turkey “unconditional support” during the coup attempt.

Putin and Erdogan mend relations

Now the ham fisted US, NATO and EU can only helplessly stand by as Putin and Erdogan seek to repair their frayed relations. Now the egg-faced neocons in Washington are making baseless accusations that Putin is trying to interfere with the American Presidential election and working for the Donald Trump campaign. Trump, who has pledged to open libel laws and hold the press accountable as well as disbanding the outdated NATO, has been on the neocons hit list.

The allegations are just more neocon dirty tricks peddled as facts by a corrupt, compliant press trying to drag Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump down to their own sophomoric level. A President Trump would be a partner for peace that that is what scares NATO and the EU.

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