Not only was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie publicly shamed by #Donald Trump when he was rejected as Trump's vice-presidential candidate, but he was left hanging without any prospects of a political future. Currently, Christie is Governor of New Jersey and in his second term. Now that the vice-presidency has eluded him, it appears that Christie is unable to put his finger on what to do when his gubernatorial term is over.

The early elimination

In reality, Christie was eliminated from consideration for the vice-presidential nod quite early. Although media sources reported that the running was among three contenders: (Christie, Pence and Gingrich), the contest basically was between Pence and Gingrich in the end.

One pathetic lapdog

Christie dropped out of the presidential race after his pathetic showing in the New Hampshire Primary in February 2016. After that he endorsed Donald Trump and began appearing at events with him. He would stand behind Trump when he was speaking to audiences on nationwide television. People on both sides of the political spectrum began saying that Christie looked like a "pathetic lapdog." Reportedly he will speak at the #GOP Convention next week in Cleveland, but his role in the Trump campaign will be minimal and he will continue to come across as a boat without an anchor or a lapdog in a frantic search for a lap.

Problems at home

Christie has problems in his home state of New Jersey to which he is reluctantly returning. First of all, he is scheduled to testify in the trial of two of his former staff members who are implicated in the Bridgegate Scandal, Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni, in September.

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Secondly, Christie is coming home to pathetic approval ratings, (26% at last count). Most of that is his own doing, primarily because he has abandoned his job as Governor for over a year while running for President and serving as Trump's waterboy. Nevertheless, it still is a problem for Christie and will seriously hamper his effectiveness as Governor for the remainder of his term.

Talking head prospects

Of course, there still is the possibility that Christie could land a job as a "talking head" for one of the major networks. Sarah Palin did this for FOX News until she was fired, primarily because she was uninformed and could not cover it up. Palin had to resign as Governor to start her career as a talking head. It is doubtful that Christie would be willing to resign because of the damper that would put on his reputation. Most likely, by the time Christie's gubernatorial term is over, whatever is remaining of the luster from once having been Trump's lapdog will have faded. Chances are that there are no looming talking head positions out there for Christie.

Private industry possibilities

Christie might be able to land a position as a lobbyist for a major corporation after his term as Governor is over. However, there are time constraints to becoming a lobbyist. Former elected officials have to wait for a period of time, usually a year, before they can start lobbying for private companies. Also, with a 26% approval rating, it is doubtful that Christie will be seriously considered for a lobbyist position. A lobbyist has to be persuasive and effective and at 26%, Christie's effectiveness is dismal at best.

Too late for distancing

Unfortunately, it is too late for Christie to "distance" himself from Trump. Everyone nationwide has seen Christie as the pathetic lapdog that he was for Trump for five months. The damage has been done. And if Christie were to try to distance himself at this point, it would look like bad sportsmanship because he was not selected as Trump's vice-presidential candidate.

The only available choice

It appears that Christie's only choice is to finish out his term as Governor and retire on his gubernatorial pension. He may have to learn to live within his means and to stay away from the limelight; but, as General Douglas MacArthur said, "Old soldiers never die; they just fade away." #Election 2016