It's hard enough being a female writer in a world full of men (and women) who tend to criticize your every word but something that could make that worse? Being fat. In Lindy West's memoir, Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, she talks about the struggles she endured because of her weight, her gender, and sometimes her voice.

Who is Lindy West?

West is an American writer, fat movement activist, and a Seattle native. You could say her memoir was inspired by her experience writing forJezebel,where she began to dedicate her writing to fat shaming, feminism, and sexism. She's written for various publications likeNew York Times, Cosmopolitan, GQ,Vulture, The Stranger,and more.

She's co-founder of I Believe you, ItsNot Your Fault, a blog dedicated to giving young girls advice and she also founded a reproductive rights campaign #ShoutYourAbortion.

Her Memoir

In her memoir, West does a great job of really letting out her voice to the world. This Book is not censored in any way and some of her metaphors are so real that it leaves an unforgettable image in your head for a long time. But this memoir isn't just about West's life, its about a female writer coming out of the closet as fat. Yes, fat. She shrillsout her experience going into planes, not going to restaurants, the time she broke a chair, and the movement she created when she voiced her opinion on male comedians jokingabout rape.

She discusses the time she fell in love, the time she emailed her boss to lay off writing about fat people, and the time someone impersonated her dead father on Twitter. This memoir will have you laughing, crying, upset, and teary eyed. Its a memoir like no other.


West may be just a writer to many but she is also a considerate female voicing her rights for women and all fat people.

She told it how it is in her memoir and I truly congratulate her for being bold. She does an amazing job of telling her story that keeps you glued to the book. She doesn't just tell you what happened, she interacts and adds little side notes to give you a better understanding. Seeing what she went through is an inspiration for any upcoming writer.

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