This may sound strange coming from a former law enforcement officer and certified conservative but let me say it: The Black Lives Matter(BLM) movement is not responsible for the deaths of five police officers in Dallas on July 7th. That’s, of course, not to say that BLM isn’t often irresponsible in its rhetoric and guilty of some criminal activity such as trespassing, but they did not cause those officers deaths. BLM did not cause those officers deaths any more than white supremacists caused the deaths of nine worshipers in a church in South Carolina last June or ISIS caused the deaths of 49 club-goers in Orlando last month.

The guilty parties are Micah Xaiver, Dylann Roof and Omar Mateen.

Dangerous habit.

We have a very dangerous habit in this country recently of painting with a broad brush any group that may have, at best, a slim connection with someone who commits an evil act. For example, some Donald Trump supporters get into physical altercations with their opposite numbers and the whole Trump campaign is reported to be made up of ultra-violent racists, when in fact, Trump supporters have been overwhelmingly the target of violence including a confirmed assassination attempt on Trump himself.

BLM did not arm the killers.

No - BLM did not arm or provide material support to Micah Xaiver and any more than the KKK did Roof or ISIS Mateen.

These were individuals who, while agreeing with the beliefs of radical organizations, acted on their own.mThere is a disturbing movement that seeks to shut down debate, mostly from the left, and will use the fallout from violent incidents as an excuse to do so. We’ve seen a rash of this on college campuses, supposedly bastions of the free exchange of ideas.

Ideology, whether you agree with it or not, should always be openly debated.

Radical ideology.

Radical ideology only becomes destructive, and should be stopped, by force if necessary, when it is followed and acted upon by committed groups with the means and support to cause great harm, i.e. terrorist organizations, or entire nations i.e.

Germany and Japan of the 1930’s and 40’s and Iran today. If you truly cherish your freedom be on guard against those who would “protect” you from harmful ideas and speech. You are smart enough to make that decision on your own.

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