#Bernie Sanders is front and center today as he is seen as a victim of dirty politics and someone who has basically thrown in the towel instead of coming back fighting mad. When the camera panned across the protesters at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night you couldn't miss people with their mouths tapped shut. Bernie Sanders supporters showed up with blue tape across their mouths to symbolize how the DNC stifled their voices by working behind the scenes to squash Bernie's chances and secure #Hillary Clinton's place as the presidential candidate for their party.

Democrat Party in shambles

There are many adamant Bernie Sanders supporters out there who are livid over the dirty deeds of some of the top brass in the #Democratic Party, which came to light in the Wikileaks emails.

With the Democratic Party divided today as they move into the final stretch of securing their candidate, Donald Trump can sit back and take it all in.

Supporting Hillary is becoming taboo as the hits just keep coming. Now that it is known that she was the Democratic Party's pick all along and that things went on behind the scenes to get her to where she is today, it is hard for people to muster up any trust in both her and the party. When Hillary Clinton's name was mentioned during the speeches at the DNC yesterday, people would boo.

Who is Jill Stein?

The Senator from Vermont attempted to point his supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton, but this betrayed group is peeved now knowing Bernie never really had a chance as the strings of political puppets were pulled all along in Hillary's direction.

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Jill Stein's name is surfacing at a rapid rate, as Hillary has become a taboo vote for many Democrats and Bernie has thrown up his arms as if he has no more fight left in him. Stein, whose name is not a household world, like Sanders, Hillary or Trump, is starting to gain some attention.

Fox and Friends live on Tuesday morning reports that some of the people they have questioned outside the DNC Convention who were once supporting Hillary are no longer going to do that. Some of those folks have mentioned Jill Stein as an alternative to Hillary. There were those who are now with Trump, leaving their support for Hillary by the wayside after the Wikileaks emails left no doubt how rigged this election was. 

The Green Party candidate, Stein, hails from Lexington, Massachusetts, and she is a physician. These Wikileaks emails have opened a door for her as a liberal alternative to Hillary Clinton. There are those out there who refuse to vote for either Hillary or Trump. Now that the Democratic Party is pulled apart and left in pieces, many who were on the fence and swaying towards Hillary have jumped off that fence and ran as far away from that property line as humanly possible.

Donald Trump looking better even to critics

Donald Trump weighed in from his rally in North Carolina about Bernie's lack of fight over the news he was sabotaged. His take is that Bernie "has sort of given up," according to CNN News. This latest email scandal has put Bernie in a place where he is "losing his legacy," the Republican candidate said. As Hillary plays the victim card once again, it appears people are tired of that broken record. When Hillary hired Debbie Wasserman Shultz before her resignation was all but signed, many saw the writing on the wall.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz appeased

While Hillary claims to have no knowledge of the DNC secretly working to put her as front runner by sabotaging Sanders, many voters from both parties don't believe she was oblivious to this fact. It would stand to reason that Hillary has taken Wasserman Shultz under her wing to appease the disgraced former DNC chair whose career is now shattered. If she left the DNC with nowhere to go with her career, she'd have nothing to lose by throwing all involved under the bus and while we don't know the names of "all involved," Hillary's quick hire of Wasserman Shultz might offer up an idea!