#Hillary Clinton bobbed her head in unison to every syllable coming from #Bernie Sanders today as the man who once saw her as a big part of the problem in Washington endorsed her for president. This time when Bernie spoke about Hillary it was nice and not at all like his former self who deemed Hillary somewhat toxic in Washington because she is a friend to Wall Street.

Drama so not exclusive to Trump

It is safe to say that the drama on the 2016 campaign trail isn't exclusive to Donald Trump and the Republican party, which was evident in a show today of Sanders suddenly seeing the light. A light, which was apparently coming from somewhere, to show him Hillary was the right choice for president.

Can you just imagine what people in other countries think about the way Americans go about voting for a president? 

Before they even vote, the ludicrous ways of choosing a front runner for each party is almost embarrassing. First, they all start off cordial but offer up the reasons for why they are the better choice over their party's opponents. From there, it goes into a mild to strong mud-slinging competition among the people within the same party.

Rip them apart and patch them up

Then if that wasn't bad enough, it then turns into a full-blown bashing event, which only the strong survive. From the pool of candidates left, they regroup and now the candidates who were once verbally clawing each other apart are holding hands and hugging on stage as they endorse the last person standing. Check out the lack of respect for each other that Bernie and Hillary demonstrated not so long ago in the video below. 

Now watch Bernie turn into her fan in the video below as he endorses Hillary!

Can you say perjury?

To make matters worse, the person left standing in the #Democratic Party is Hillary Clinton and she has many Americans worried about her ability to be the president after this e-mail debacle.

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These latest concerns came to light in a new poll just released, according to the Washington Post. She sent and received e-mails with this classified information on a home-installed server that wasn't safe. Experts say that the free e-mail server Gmail is more secure than what Hillary had installed at home. The push is on to have her investigated for perjury after saying one thing to Congress and another to the FBI.

Impossible feat for Bernie

Bernie Sanders was the younger generations choice for running this country. He bashed Hillary's Washington record and made a very good case why people should not vote for her. But wait... today he surfaces and did everything short of spreading rose peddles on the stage for her. Now Bernie Sanders has the almost impossible feat ahead of him. That is to sway the people who trusted him over to Hillary's side. Good luck with that Bernie!