Iraq is in a mess and this is an understatement. One can say that this mess is the creation of George Bush, now comfortably retired. However, he has left behind a sordid legacy that has seen the rise of the Islamic State, now headed by All Baghdadi. There is no doubt that Saddam was a tyrant and ruthless dictator and deserved to be removed.  However George Bush by committing the US forces to a war on a blatant lie of WMD and then not following any coherent plan for rehabilitation of Iraq created a monster. This has taken the lives of thousands of American soldiers. He created a Frankenstein in the shape of the ISI.

The Muslim dream.

The ISI fuels the Sunni Muslim dream of a Caliphate.

This dream more like a mirage in the desert is a tremendous motivation and thousands of Muslims from all over the world are flocking to join and fight for the ISI. The ISI also holds vast areas in Iraq and Syria. It's a sad commentary on American policy that despite pouring in billions of dollars to prop the successors of Saddam, the Iraq army collapsed against the ISI. Whatever progress is made on the ground is courtesy of American airpower and if it is not available the ISI may again overrun Iraq. The ISI is also carrying out massive suicide attacks and the latest is an attack on a holiday crowd celebrating Ramadan. Hundreds were killed and one feels life is cheap in the Middle East. In short American policy failed in Iraq.

The future.

The ISI is a global phenomenon and from the US to Dacca, it's a source of inspiration for Sunni Muslims.

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In Iraq, it's firmly entrenched. The suicide bombings in Baghdad show, it can strike with impunity any time it chooses. The people are desperate and when the Iraqi prime minister visited the place which had been targeted by ISI he was pelted with stones and had to beat a hasty retreat. The bombings show the Iraq government has no hold on the capital Baghdad itself, what to talk of other areas. The US must think hard as to how peace can be restored in Iraq. Bush has left Iraq mired in a quicksand of blood and the new president will have his hands full in cleaning the Augean stables. Stabilizing Iraq will not be easy.