Andrea Tantaros has some great quips today about the state of the nation and it is amazing how she can sum it up in just a few tweets. Recently, Tantaros has taken to Twitter on an almost daily basis sharing her thoughts about the recent headlines with her fans. Anyone who follows the #FOX #News analyst just knew she'd have something to say about Bernie Sanders jumping ship and siding with the woman who goes against the grain of everything he's fought for. 

Another gig in the wings for Tantaros?

Since Andrea's abrupt exit from Fox news back in April, she hasn't appeared on another show. Many thought for sure she'd pick up a gig on another network because she is so popular.

The last word from Fox News is that she is still under contract with them, despite the fact she hasn't appeared on Outnumbered or anywhere else on Fox in months. This is a blatant waste of talent for sure because as a political analyst she's top notch and with the campaigns for the White House in full swing, this is when Tantaros should be front and center on the air.

Bernie Sanders car trouble

On Tuesday, Tantaros offers up the USA Today headlines announcing the sudden Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Andrea also posts the blurb where Sanders declares "I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president." So, what does Andrea have to say about this latest turn of events in the Democratic Party? She tweets, "Guess Bernie got tired of having someone start his car for him every morning." It's this sense of humor weaved in with her serious political comments that her fans miss with Andrea still away from Fox on some type of extended hiatus.

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Fans of the Fox News analyst had a lot to say about this tweet, with more than a few saying they love her sense of humor and that they miss that since she's been off the air. Some of the folks who tweeted in response to her Bernie quip wondered what he was promised in exchange for his endorsement. Still others pointed out how Sanders was adamant about keeping Hillary out of the White House and wondering what turn of events changed his mind.  

'Help I've fallen and I can't get up'

This is the type of quick wit that is missing from Outnumbered today. Andrea's first tweet of the morning on Wednesday sums up all the headlines from around the nation. Tantaros writes, "The United States has fallen and it cant' get up."

This is a play on that commercial where the elderly woman falls and no one is around to help her, but because she's wearing one of those life-line devices, all she has to do is push a button and help is just a sentence away. "Help I've fallen and I can't get up," is all the elderly woman has to say to set the ball rolling for help to come.

Tantaros again puts things into perspective using her quick witted humor!

Tantaros hones in on Obama

Tantaros also honed in on an article from the Institute of Science that reports, "U.S. confirms purchase of Iranian nuke materials for $8.6 million."  Andrea comments about this bit of news, "This is how deceitful the Obama Admin is... the State Dept wasn't going to announce this news, but the Iranians did."

Folks jumped right on this tweet posting responses about how Trump said this would happen. Others thanked her for bringing this to their attention because so far it doesn't look as if mainstream media has much to say about this today.  #Television