This is a message to Yiannopoulos Twitter fans- the ones who found it rational to respond to their Twitter commander’s orders- the conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos. It may be gratifying to feel superior in stature, origin, color, height, weight, belonging or genetic make-up but where does the buck stop? Shoe origin? Shoe color? Shoe size? Shoe weight- or, your shoe’s atomic make-up?

Conservatism - a perspective.

Your Twitter commander, Yiannopoulos, thinks about conservatism as a toddler thinks about the remote control - ‘a portable device magically connected to another device’. To be conservative has little to do with the intentional discrimination and belittlement of another person’s ideas, beliefs, opinion or character.

Conservatism is a perspective- a way of seeing things, a way of thinking about those things in the whole make-up of our world.

‘Conservative racist’ or just ‘conservative’?

With relation to the actions of two Celebrities- Yiannopoulos and his actions intended against Ghostbuster star Leslie Jones leading to the suspension of his account, Yiannopoulos makes it seem as though being conservative is a magical shield whenever debates run rhetoric. He carelessly attributes Twitter’s actions as supportive of, in his own words: "terrorism and extremism."

It is easy to miss the rhetoric in Yiannopoulos’ ripostes, especially if one is not given to rational thought. A liberal can be a racist too. While freedom of speech should allow for racism (but not without restrictions), racism should not be considered as being similar in its entirety to conservatism.

Conservatism is an outlook, which intersects with the circle of racism - if history is to be relied upon. Yiannopoulos wants us to believe that Twitter is against freedom of speech, when clearly his is not an expression of his freedom of speech but an incitement of his followers to blindly act on his beliefs and intentions while giving a passive look under a bullet proof vest.

Twitter responds.

Fortunately, Twitter understands the matter well enough as demanded by companies operating in the 21st century. Yiannopoulos is a Twitter account holder in the US whose privacy, rights and freedoms must be protected much as an account holder in India, or Australia or even Tanzania. However, from his angle- he cannot see the whole scheme of things and the consequences of his actions if they are to be granted under a just law.

Targeted abuse and the promotion of it can in no way be an expression of free speech when incitement engenders it. Do you understand the matter in question or are you simply aroused by the prejudices, bias and beliefs that define you? Does decimating another human being because of race not because you were prompted by some circumstance but simply because you were asked to make you a racist, a conservative or a bigot?

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