The All Lives Matter movement, developed as a counter-offensive to Black Lives Matter due to claims that the latter was created based off a figurative Malcolm-X type of 'black superiority,' has been drastically increasing the volume of action it has been taking since two ex-military snipers shot 5 police officers in response to recent police shootings of young black men across the country. It is clear that all three attacks were (to some extent) out of hatred and spite, as well as hundreds of other shootings involving targeted minorities; which makes it clear that hate is running rampant through the streets of the United States. The very last thing we should do is ignore the fact that violence towards minorities was a central aspect of these attacks; yet that's exactly what All Lives Matter promotes.

Democratic or Xenophobic? Maybe both

Those correlated with the All Lives Matter institution often mention the group is dedicated to saying that nearly any form of violent outburst, such as the recent Orlando shooting last month, is directed towards 'all' people rather than a specific minority group. That was clearly not the case; the shooting was in a Latino gay bar, directed by a terrorist associating himself with ISIS, where nearly all the victims were part of the LGBTQ community. Orlando was a targeted attack, plain and simple; yet numerous members of this movement identified the shooting as a terrorist onslaught towards the 'entire American population,' blatantly refusing to associate the attack with any minority whatsoever.

Could All Lives Matter really be this negative?

The answer to that question is fairly straightforward: yes, it could.

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The derivative behind this answer is elementary; we are not all equal in the eyes of American society, and thus there is no point in pretending like we are all treated equally in the eyes of the government or in the eyes on the governed. All Lives Matter sends a message that the job is already done, that equal rights have already been achieved for every single community within this country; which, as unfortunate as it is, is blasphemy. There are only so many concepts that can be connected to these actions; some inhuman level of pity for the victims, ignorant defiance towards the notion that each human being is in fact different from one another, or it could be a simple case of xenophobia. Unfortunately, it was often the latter.

Reality is harsh, but that doesn't make it any less real

Black people are not treated the same by society as white people. Gay and transgender people are not treated the same by society as straight people. That is the cruel, merciless reality we face; and yet there is an entire organization attempting to throw that reality out the window in favor of restraining the revolution minorities must accomplish in order to attain the basic human right of equality.

We must face this notion head on, because in eyes of the United States of America not all lives matter; but thanks to organizations like Black Lives Matter peacefully incriminating actions directed against minorities we can make these states a little more equal.