The eldest child of the Brown family from the Alaskan Bush People may have gotten lost in the shuffle as season 3 of the reality show waned down. What Matt went through in the last few episodes was a very real crisis, but to the viewer it might not have played out that way because of all the Alaskan Bush People typical antics surrounding the fleeting moments of Matt isolating himself from the rest of the family.

Matt in crisis.

It wasn't until the viewers were privy to Matt's very emotional breakdown that a hint of the severity of what Matt was going through was conveyed on the screen. As the Inquisitr suggests in a recent article, "Matt Brown's situation is very real."

The Brown family has become a form of entertainment to the masses and that's OK, because that is what they signed up for.

But there is one very fragile young man in the family hurting, but the extent of his pain wasn't divulged until the end of the season. While he finally went to get some help, one can't wonder why he didn't go sooner and why his departure was orchestrated so he could finish out the last episode of the season.

Wolfpack is a bit too tight.

It appears that the need of these adult children to constantly work as a family unit, deemed the "wolfpack" by patriarch Billy Brown, may have gotten in the way of Matt getting treatment sooner than he did. It is no secret that Matt is one of the more popular cast members on the show, he's what you might call the breakout heartthrob of the Alaskan Bush People, so the need to finish out this season as a unit may have been stronger than his drive to get immediate help.

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Parents who love too much?

The only fault that Billy and Ami Brown might have as parents is loving their kids so much that they've stunted the growth of  their adult kids. With Matt's latest problems of alcohol and possibly drugs coming to light, it might be time for the parents to give their brood the greatest gift of all... freedom. That won't be an easy feat because the kids seem as invested in keeping the family together as the parents, so they may need a push out of the nest.

To build or not to build?

As the Inquistr pointed out, Billy and Ami had every intention of their brood finding spouses, which is evident in the dwellings built for each adult child in the family. Apparently their hopes of the "wolfpack" growing into a community of family and their offspring was a goal they set for the future. So far that is not panning out, despite Ami frequently hinting that she would adore some grandchildren. It is going to take some special women to give up civilization and move into a Browntown shanty, so that goal might not be fully obtainable.

Flying the nest not an option, but should be.

The Brown family would probably benefit from some intensive family counseling for setting goals as individuals within this family unit. They may need some help learning to be a  family without litterally breathing down each other's throats. With the show so popular today, it would be hard to imagine any of the Brown clan wanting to make changes, but Matt's recent crisis should act as a wake-up call for the brood.

This was one time that Matt should have broken away from the family ranks earlier than he did, despite their belief that the love of the wolfpack can conquer all. Was it too coincidental that this crisis didn't interrupt the filming of Alaskan Bush People season, coming to a head as the show wound down? Only the Brown family really knows the answer to that question.                                                                                                                                                                                          #Reality TV