The Nice attack is still fresh in the memory of the French and the world. Almost all nations have condemned this act and President Obama has termed it "horrific." The state of emergency has been extended by President Hollande for another 3 months, but it must be remembered that an emergency was already in force and yet the attack took place.

Lessons of the attack

One thing has become clear to most people is that lone wolf attacks like the attack in a truck by a Tunisian national cannot be predicted. The man had planned his move meticulously and was not a member of any extremist organization. He had parked his truck on the road, however, I will state that with such a big gathering the police did question the driver.

But they were satisfied when the man told them that he was carrying ice cream for distribution. The police should have not gone by the words of the driver and opened the truck for inspection. Being a security person myself, this is the elementary drill that has to be followed. I am afraid this was a goof up that led to tragic results. Perhaps the security establishment was relieved at the incident free conduct of the Euro cup and was not as incisive as they should have been. Maybe a little complacent. In a counter-terrorist environment, there can be no excuse for not following the blue book on dealing with a potential threat. Unfortunately, by not following the blue book and taking the driver's assertion at face value is a grave dereliction of duty. This is a pertinent point yet nobody seems to dwell on this aspect of the case.

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The future

Such attacks cannot be completely stopped but a pro-active approach can minimize the damage. In this case had the police opened the truck they would have seen the truck had no ice cream but an assorted arsenal of guns and  weaponry. There would have been some casualties still, yet the main attack would have been neutralized. Terrorists have to be beaten at their own game. The French police have not really come face to face with terror attacks for decades and it is only in the last 2-3 years that they have been targeted by Al Qaeda and ISIS. #ISIS #military #Nice Attacks