One of the smartest things my dad ever did for me for my first car was to buy me a car:

  1. with a standard transmission
  2. that wouldn't go very fast

I have been driving cars since before the terms, millennial, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z were coined. I am not even sure we called ourselves Boomers at the time.

My first car was '60 VW Bug, distinguishable by its lack of anything on the dashboard other than an odometer. No gas gauge. No nothing.

It had a stick shift, and the car could hardly get out of its own way. I learned from day one how to drive a car with a manual transmission that would not go very fast.

While all my friends were zipping around in cars too big, and too fast and that many of them couldn't afford to pay for, I learned how to take my time to get my destination in an economical car - that I could afford to buy AND drive.

Scion iA 4-Door Sedan Brings Back Memories.

Fast? Nope. Once you get to the 3rd or higher of its 6 gears, the only way to get more speed out of it is to down shift. Stepping on the gas in 4th gear you might end up in a conversation with the vehicle?

Car says, "Do you mean me? You want me to do something?"

Me, "Yes, I'd like to go faster."

Car, "Uh, when would you like to do that?"

Me, "A few moments ago."

Car, "Today?"

Me, "Never mind. The moment has passed."

Easy on the Wallet

I suppose it's what you would expect with a 1.5L engine.

But then, I don't want the students in my family to be in a hurry with a 1-ton vehicle. I want them to plan ahead. They'll do better in school that way, too.

And I don't want my student coming to me with his hand out asking for gas money either. The 2016 Scion iA makes fewer trips to our $2.79/gallon pumps with its 35 MPG rating ...

41 on the highway.

The Scion iA is a great starter car based on performance and price.

Bluetooth test - it took me nearly 2 minutes to get my phone hooked up.

Obligatory Feedback - I never figured out how to get the music to work correctly. The car seemed to randomly choose a station and when I did get Pandora hooked up, more random choosing of my stations within that APP.

The dashboard screen is not visible in Sunnyvale. I can speak 4 languages but I couldn't figure out how to get the contrast right. I never saw what was on the screen unless I parked in the shade during twilight hours.

Specifications - in the images above

Price as driven - $16,470 <= I told you it was affordable.

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