This past week, I drove the 2016 Lexus 9000A ES 350 4-Dr sedan.

After driving SUVs for the past few weeks it felt good to be back in a sedan, a size I am more used to driving.

Lexus Gets Personal with ES350 4-DR Sedan

The ES350 fit perfectly. I have ridden in cars and SUVs where I felt like I was sitting on my wallet the whole time. Not with the ES350. The steering wheel adjusts up/down and forward/back. When I hop in/out of the car, the steering wheel obligingly moves out of the way.

The seat adjusts forward/backward, tilts up/down and the back support leans forward/backward as well. The head rest was mere centimeters = less than an inch from the back of my head!

And the lumbar support! The car fits! 10 ways!

In other cars of this class, I have been overwhelmed with buttons and settings not to mention manuals thick enough to fill up the entire glove box to boot. Not the Lexus ES350. I felt at home almost immediately. In my obligatory Bluetooth test, I had my phone connected and was able to call within a baker's dozen of seconds. And in the time it took for the other party to pick up, I had Pandora streaming in and my daughter was enjoying the Disney Channel.

Catches the Lady's Eyes

"This car is really cool, daddy!"

You can be sure a car impresses if it gets an 8-year old to look up from her Netflix movie long enough to comment.

Lexus 4-Dr Sedan is Family Friendly

The real kicker is the extra mile the ES350 went for our family.

We took a road trip to the Pacific Ocean - a winding, hilly route from Silicon Valley to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. No car sickness!

Swimming, seashells and a cut! later ... the Lexus ES350 was waiting, and I couldn't believe this till I needed it and it was there ... a First Aid Kit in the trunk. ES350 = Extra Special, too.

And no blood on the seats

When I returned the car this morning, the dealer told me, "It's the 1st time any of our journalists have ever had to use the First Aid Kit."

Blind Spot Monitors - I never thought I would learn to trust them. But when they aren't there, I miss them now.

The worst part about this car was I had to give it back after a week.

Specifications - in the images above

Price as driven - $46,679.

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