The third or sixth installment in the X-men cinematic universe (whichever way you look at it), X-men: Apocalypse introduces some new faces while keeping some of the old. The story begins with an ancient mutant by the name of En Sabbah Nur, a very powerful mutant who stays young by transferring his consciousness into different bodies. After he is betrayed he is buried underground for thousands of years. 

The awakening of En Sabbah Nur, and Xavier's new students 

He is awakened in 1983, and sees that the world has lost its way and is desperately in need of a ruler. While he searches for his four horsemen, we see that Charles Xavier has started his school for gifted youngsters.

It is here we are introduced to a young Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and a young Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan). Although I am still unsure about my feelings toward Sophie Turner's portrayal of Jean Grey, I thought Tye Sheridan did a fantastic job with his portrayal of a young Scott. Around the same time we once again see Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique save Nightcrawler after a cage fight against a young Angel. Yes we all understand that the timeline does not seem to make sense. While already seeing these characters roughly the same age in the previous X-men films, it was still nice to see new versions of these characters. I thought Kody Smit-Mcphee did a fine job as a young Night Crawler, and Ben Hardy played an angry Angel quite well. After being tortured you can see why he would want to join Apocalypse. 

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse 

Although quite different in the comics, I thought the choices for the Four Horseman were quite interesting.

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You can tell why each one of them would join. Magneto tries to live a peaceful life once again, and once again the humans give him a reason to hate. A young Ororo Munroe is living off of scraps, Psylocke has been living more or less as a slave. With the proposition to be in a position of power, it seems the best option for these characters would be to join Apocalypse. I understand that just like X-men: The Last Stand, this film has been receiving negative reviews in terms of the plot, and certain plot holes that lie within. Even when the kids in the movie go to see Return of the Jedi, Jean makes the joke that " the third movie is always the worst." I understand that with First Class and Days of Future Past, we were presented with wonderfully written storylines (however, not without their plot holes as well), but this is the story for Apocalypse. He wants to rule the world, and the only ones who can stop him are the X-men, and for that I thought the action sequences were quite awesome. 

The final battle 

The final battle takes place in Egypt, where Apocalypse is trying to transfer his consciousness into Charles.

By doing this not only would he regain his youth, but with Charles' abilities, he would be able to control every mind in the world. This final battle scene is visually stunning. We see a battle between the two inside of their minds, we see Jean unleash the phoenix, and we also see Magneto helping out at the end. A lot of great stuff in this final battle, and I know with Magneto how many times can he go back and forth, and how many times can Charles tell him there's good in him? I know their relationship gets a little repetitive. However, at the same time, we are used to seeing an aged Charles, and Erik. I think by showing the anger and confusion inside of a young Erik, we can see that at one point their friendship did mean a lot to him. 

Final Summary 

Overall I thought it was a fantastic film, with the low point being Jennifer Lawrence. Not that I mind her, but I think she should play a secondary role rather than being the face of the X-men. Evan Peters once again steals the show with a couple of awesome scenes. The cameo by Wolverine was everything we hoped it would be. I give it a strong 8/10. #ComicBooks #MovieReview #FOX