Donald Trump is the presidential candidate in the United States of America in 2016. It's the same country and democratic system where Abraham Lincoln had contested for presidential elections. It's the same country where the American declaration of independence enriched with liberty, rights, and equality gave new hope to the rest of the world.

It's the same country where American forefathers always advocated equality and inclusive politics regardless of the faith, origin, and color of any person. It's the same land where, hundreds of years ago, millions of homeless, struggling, and vulnerable people conferred security, peace, and equality. I'm ashamed before the souls of forefathers that people of United States of America have chosen him as the presidential candidate.

American Dream?

Whenever Donal Trump says the American dream is dead, it's not dead but, bleeding. The American dream is far more than materialistic philosophy. Let's analyze the politics of #Donald Trump. He always speaks for supremacy of the white man and degradation of all other ethnic groups. His stance on women rights and derogatory remarks against the women are a manifestation of his strong will against the American dream. Historically, all Americans are the dissidents of the immigrants but, Donald Trump's call for banning all the Muslim immigrants and building a wall on the Mexican border are enough statements to make the American dream bleed. We didn't let it bleed in the civil war, world war, pearl harbor, and many other occasions but, a single man made it bleed in 2016.

Loss is long-lasting and indelible

Unfortunately, we've bequeathed our future generations-fragile and bleeding American dream due to stubbornness and foolishness of a single person.

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Our future generations will definitely feel the fragrance of weak political will, racist political agendas, and futile political values for a long time. Nations need hundreds of years to articulate and practice honorable political ideologies but, they always need a single person to ruin the whole political legacy.

I hope that our future political leaders, historians and scholars will heal the damage done by the politics of Trump. #Election 2016 #Democrats vs Republicans