The Kardashians are notorious for shocking the media. From #Kim Kardashian's first sex tape to Caitlin Jenner's sex change, it seems the Kardashians have nothing to hide when it comes to their bodies. Now that #Kanye West has joined the family, he isn't shying away from all the attention surrounding sex and the media.

Enter: Kanye's Famous video.

There it is, a bunch of imitation wax figures including Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, Chris Brown, Amber Rose, Ray J, Anna Wintour, George W. Bush, and Rihanna fully exposed lying on a bed next to Kim and Kanye. All names that have circulated a lot of attention on tabloids.

So, putting them all together, naked on a bed was bound to stir up a lot of views, and plenty of attention.

As expected with any Kardashian related sex scandal, Yeezy's experienced a lot of backlash especially when it came to exposing Taylor Swift.  She has worked hard to keep that "conservative girl" image, so rumor has it she disapproved of the video.

After reading an article defending Swift's disappointment, I couldn't help but think: It's wax, why do you even care?

I get it, Taylor Swift has an image to uphold for young girls while Kim and Kanye seem to be a bit more badass, and cultured when it comes to REALITY.

The reality is, there's more going on in the world than naked wax Taylor Swift, so really, why does she even care?

Yeezy is an artist who gets ideas and makes them happen with no filter.

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The Kardashians have used their bodies throughout history to get attention, and now there using wax bodies too. So, what gives Taylor? 

A lot of people would be honored to be in Kanye's videos, let alone have an entire wax figure made out of them. Naked or not, it's fake. 

Speculators have feared for "innocent minds" looking up Taylor Swift, and finding DUN DUN DUN...Kanye's Famous video.  On the other hand, this is 2016, there's a lot of crazy stuff on the internet that makes this video look quite innocent. 

With that being said, celebrities may be able to take legal action on Kanye.

"An attorney for one of the threadbare celebrities depicted in the video will likely have three options available for asserting a cause of action against Mr. West: 1) Copyright Infringement; 2) Defamation; and 3) Right to Publicity," writes Forbes magazine. "Of these, the facts point toward the “right of publicity” cause of action as most likely."

Remember when artists were portraying Kanye Kissing Kanye? That was art, and Yeezy dealt with it with very little drama.

Remember when Southpark depicted Muhammed and got away with it? That was an entire religion, this is just Taylor Swift, and a couple other controversial celebrities who have yet to speak up if they are unhappy.

Do you think Kanye's Famous video went too far, or should everyone have expected this from the husband of Kim Kardashian?