Scott Adams is most famous as the purveyor of “Dilbert,” the comic strip starring the nebbish engineer by the same name that lampoons corporate goofiness. More recently, Adams has dipped his toe into discussing politics. He pronounced Donald Trump a master persuader, something that anyone, no matter what their view is of the mercurial real estate tycoon, should agree on. However, the violent reaction to this assessment on social media has persuaded Adams that he must endorse Hillary Clinton is order to stay alive.

Adams’ logic is, on the surface, flawless. Opponents of #Donald Trump think he is Hitler. It is permissible, indeed, required to kill Hitler and all who support him.

If Scott Adams is seen as supporting Hitler, then he too may be killed, just like Joseph Goebbels. Trump supporters, while they loath and despise Hillary and her husband Bill, are not likely to kill anyone who supports them.

A problem exists with Adams’ reasoning. First of all, election 2016 is not a binary solution set. A lot of Bernie Sanders supporters think #Hillary Clinton is Hitler. Indeed, actress and Bernie supporter Susan Sarandon thinks that Clinton is worse that Trump. A lot of Sanders fans may wind up voting for Trump out of spite.

So, if you can die for supporting Hitler, what can happen if you support worse than Hitler?

All kidding aside, Adams is making a wry observation about from where political violence is coming in 2016. While Donald Trump loves to muse openly about roughing up protesters at his rallies, by and large, his supporters are peaceful, if somewhat boisterous.

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San Jose proved that Trump opponents are more than willing to give his fans a beat down on the street when they so desire.

On the other hand, the San Jose rioters did not seem to be supporters so much of Hillary or Bernie as they are of detaching California from the Union and giving it back to Mexico. The Democrats, if they think clearly about it, will oppose that with more zeal that they do a flat tax or entitlement reform. The party of Clinton and Obama can ill-afford to lose all of those electoral votes.   #Democrats vs Republicans