I am a Data Scientist with 30 years experience, I am trained to generate revenue. I was hired as one of the top 10 internationaltalentsby PWSA to find out why all City of Pittsburgh citizens are receiving inflated water and sewage bills. I look for low bills while I am looking for high bills. Found $26 million in missing revenue. E-Staff was paying me as I do not live in Pittsburgh. On March 1st, E-Staff tried to make me sign a lifetime contract. On March 17th, when I found the corruption, “someone” said my services were no longer required.

E-Staff lost my $26,050 paycheck for three weeks of work, told me I have PTSD and Iamtherefore, incompetent, and what has happened since needs to have a book written as it is horrifying.My Date of Death Calculator: No Food: You can make it 3 weeks without food, though we promise you that won’t be fun. No Water. After 3 days, you need water or you’ll perish. Despite this possibly helpful rule, some people have survived 8 to 10 days without water. Again, leave such shenanigans to the truly desperate.

Stolen revenue.

"In UM20100, we have 90,648 bills with a bill date older than 30 days just stuck in processing limbo. Total limbo land revenue: $11,942,287.80. I am shaking my head. I can drill down this apparent disaster more if you like to see how much of this uncollected revenue is greater ten 90 days, which I believe i technically unbillable, even though we are doing it anyway.

Correct the Process.

Good Morning!!! Let’s talk sense and get this revenue billed and show them what we are made of. And then, get a process to put an end to this happening to begin with." Akin to noncompliance:

Management Knows.

Reply: Management knows that the meters reads are wrong, the entire city of Wilkinsburg sewage bills have been received but we have not paid Alcosan in two years.

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No one ever expected anyone to be able to figure that out or identify the corporations and residents PWSA is intentionally not billing. they are afraid to death of you, you are a woman in a male-dominated industry. Stop using internal email immediately, they are watching what you are uncovering. Back up the evidence to your personal computer while you can.

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