Today was a day I didn't feel like writing. I wanted to stay home. Why? Because a grown man sucker punched me twice on the street and ran away, but then I thought, why let him win? It was a lesson on why it's important to get up when life knocks you down.

Don't hide from anyone

There are people in life who do their best to make your everyday life a living hell. If you frown, they criticize you for being unhappy or angry. If you smile, they criticize you for smiling. Nothing you do is right. These people are cowards and they want you to hide and be scared. As people, we were not created to be hermits. We're not supposed to hide from the world. 

The situation that happened to me today is a perfect example.

Not only was I punched by a cowardly man who outweighs me and has maybe a foot height advantage on me, but he ran away after he did it. I was left with a bruised cheek and a bloody nose. After he did it, I was angry -- correction, I was livid. I had other personal circumstances going on at the time and I wasn't expecting that. It was the last thing I needed and the icing on the top of a crappy day. I might see that man again. I might not. The truth is that he will probably never be punished for what he did, but I made the decision that I'm not going to live in fear of what a man can do or say to me. So, if people want to insult me, fine. If people want to hit me, fine. I will not live in fear of them or anybody else. I learned something else about myself today as well, I can take a punch.

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So maybe, I should thank him for that. In any case, I got up and I decided to write. He didn't stop my day and you shouldn't let anybody stop your day either.

Life doesn't have to be perfect

There are going to be bumps and bruises along the road. They are there for two reasons: (1) To test your strength and (2) to get you to overcome your fears. You can't fear anybody. No matter what they do to you, no matter what they take away, you can't fear them. That's what they want. People who engender fear want to be seen as superior. No one is superior to you and you are superior to no one. You don't owe anybody anything and you don't owe anybody any explanations. So as you walk this road called life, keep your head up. They can take everything from you. They can lie. They can cheat. They can steal and sometimes, even punch, but you have the power. Don't give it back to them. Stand up to your bullies