With about a month before the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump’s campaign seems to have been thrown into chaos because of his off-putting remarks about the Mexican heritage of a judge involved in the Trump University case. Some Republican movers and shakers are rethinking their support of the mercurial real estate tycoon, with two senators un-endorsing him. So the question arises, is it too late to avoid a Trump driven disaster in November?

One idea has been to pass a rule that will allow even pledged delegates to the convention to, in effect, vote their conscience during the first ballot. That rule would mean that delegates, many of whom actually support Senator Ted Cruz, will be able to deny Trump the nomination.

The justification is that, despite the fact that Trump has the most delegates and a plurality of the primary votes, he has manifestly demonstrated that he lacks the temperament to be president and the self-discipline to beat Hillary Clinton in November.

The problem with this approach is that Trump’s supporters would rise in wrath of what they would rightly see as a stab in the back by the Republican establishment against their guy. Enough may stay home or vote for a third party candidate to throw the election to Hillary Clinton anyway.

The trick, therefore, is to persuade Trump to bail out voluntarily.

Allahpundit, who delivers wisdom at Hot Air, made the following intriguing tweet. “Someone tweeted last night that if the #GOP offered Trump $100M to buy him out of the nomination, he might take it.

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Worth a shot!”

Bribing a disagreeable candidate to step aside would be unprecedented in American politics. The approach might go something like this. “Donald, you are not going to win the election with your tendency to run on at the mouth. You have two choices. The first option is that you lose and badly and for the rest of your life you will be known as Donald the Loser. Or you can take this check for $100 million, which we’ll say is a reimbursement for campaign expenses, and you will endorse the candidate we choose. Then you will be Donald the Winner, who set aside his personal ambitions for the good of the country. You will have a place of respect in the party and with the next president if he is a Republican. Decide which it is to be but choose quickly.”

It goes without saying that the replacement candidate has to be #Ted Cruz, the other anti-establishment guy who ran on the Republican side. The Republican establishment may loath him, but right now is the time for hard choices.

The beauty of this gambit is that Hillary Clinton will not be able to, with a straight face, inveigh about political payoffs. The event would just be the latest twist and turn in what has already been the strangest election year in American history.

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