So some people believe the millennial generation is selfish, entitled and lazy. They shudder at the thought of us taking control one day because they think we'll be sending mankind down a spiral since we don't seem to listen to anybody but ourselves. From hoodie-wearing CEO's to photographers who make a life picturing normal people from normal cities such as New York, we're not big fans of conventional wisdom and cubicle jobs. Maybe we're more into politics nowadays, but we've been told we have issues with loyalty. How would you explain the Future Workplace “Multiple Generations @ Work” survey that expects 91 % of Millennials to stay in a job for less than 3 years?

Millennials' relationship with technology

The thing is, people need to understand where we’re coming from.

We’ve seen technology take a leap so fast, it left our heads spinning. When we were growing up, our parents got excited about getting a pager for work. We’ve had to line up with lots of coins to make international calls. And now? We put our phones on airplane mode to avoid having so many notifications. No twitter, I really don't care who shared whose tweet right now. I need some peace. If there’s anything that the other generations need to commend us for it’s our adaptability to this rapid advancement in technology. Having to shift from pens and paper to pen-less iPads meant complete rewiring of habits. Yet we did it. And if they can't appreciate anything else, then at least, they have to appreciate that our handwriting doesn’t exactly suck. I wonder if the concept of handwriting will exist with this newer generation. 

Why do millennials love job hopping?

We graduated at the time when the worse economic recession hit.

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Can you blame us for not believing in the concept of job security and long-term career with one company? We've had to go to a half-empty office one day because the other half had been terminated effective immediately. So, yes, we have trust issues when it comes to jobs. Wouldn't you? 

Are millennials truly selfish?

I don't like the term selfish because it has negative connotations so I'd like to say we're more self-aware. How would we know what we were truly passionate about if we were not self-aware for at least some time? We understand that before we could contribute to the world, we need to listen to our hearts, understand who we are and recognize our own gifts and talents. Only then can we add value to the world around us, and share our work with the world. And the best part is, we have the tools for instant sharing even if the world doesn't pay us. And that's definitely not selfish.  #Education