NYC the city that never sleeps, is home to a lot, and there is almost a certain comfort of being at home. You hear in the music of bands and musicians from that area, that although there is crime, death, filth, it is still home. The bands that have come from other areas have different views of the big apple. These are my favorite rock songs about the city.

5. 'New York State of Mind' -- Billy Joel

In 'New York State of Mind' Billy Joel paints a nice picture of his home.

Talking about how others love to travel and get away, but once he went away he missed it. He is a pure New Yorker and the nitty gritty of the city is exactly what he needs, exactly what he is used to, and that is his comfort zone.

4. 'Big Apple Dreaming' -- Alice Cooper

This may be an unpopular pick, since there are so many songs written about NYC but this has always been one of my favorites. Just another tale of a band willing to do anything to make their dreams come true. Alice has always had a great way with words, and is one of the all-time great songwriters in my opinion.

3. 'Shattered' -- The Rolling Stones

A vastly different tale than the previous two songs. Now we're in the mind of a band coming from overseas and seeing NYC from an outside point of view. Jagger raps "this towns full of money grabbers, go ahead bite the big apple, don't mind the maggots, shadoobie my brains been battered." A brilliant song, one of the Stones best, to live in this city you gotta be tough.

2. New York Groove -- Ace Frehley

This song written by Russ Ballard comes off of the Ace Frehley 1978 solo album. Here Ace sings about growing up in New York broke, and not having anything to do and now that he has returned with money, he loves the city even more. "Here I am, again in this city with a fistful of dollars, and baby you'd better believe I'm back in the New York Groove."

1. New York City -- The Cult

This song is the definition of a hidden gem, great riff, great vocals, and great lyrics, the perfect hard rock song.

Ian delivers hard hitting lines about the city, the hardest being "Pressure never stops, pressure never drops, Lennon got fried, said it was a crime, said it was a pity, no one even cried." Although we all know the world mourned the death of John Lennon, but what he is saying is that the city never slows down enough to care about anyone individually, and it will chew you up. Another European band that doesn't feel that sense of home within the city.

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