Every other male in Pakistan carries a sting in his tail to hurt women in one way or the other. Criminology has assorted purposes and dispositions. We cannot "shoo away" all the brutalities, or work an incantation on this society. The shadows of atrocities keep on lengthening. What a poor abode, where ignorance reigns supreme. There must be a 'blast wall' to protect the oppressed women and prosecution, not persecution must become available to the women of Pakistan. The voices of all women must be heard on an urgent basis, I mustered up the courage to convey the voices of Pakistani women as well as of other countries to the world.

Acid flinging perpetrators.

The men across the world are not what they seem to be on the surface.

Sometimes in the guise of a stranger, or the victim’s own acquaintance men carry off their evil design to perfection and fling acid. Only death relieves the victim from the social stigma as long as she lives as taunts shower on her, especially, in a society that is ultra conservative and backward.

Voices against the vices.

Voices must not be gagged against acid throwing in the faces of women. These heart-shattering occurrences must be prevented from re-occurring.  A strong dose of humanity is required from cross-border N.G.Os in Pakistan. Speaking derogatory words to women, even on the roads and in the markets are a common phenomenon. The law does operate, but under the influence of politics and not on the basis of Justice. Injustice is at our doorstep. Bereft of money and means, bereft of Justice, corruption has assumed the shape of a cancer and this disease has run its full course.

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 Alone and undefended, the women are humiliated. But the criminals are as hard as steel with their conscience asleep. This makes the women pass through an ordeal, that words can never describe. Heart-ripping and pathetic scenes are common in homes, hospitals and on the roads due to a corruption-ridden society.

The sanctity of women is perilous.

Male brute force is inimical and an inferno-like state of affairs prevails. Hear the signs and the lamentation as victims curse the day, they were born in this land of relentlessness. Hear the sounds of the sobs they utter aloud while passing through the torments of hell on earth. The Victims are wincing under their mounds of suffering. This is the terrible lifestyle that the victims of acid-throwing have to live. 

The bride of mammon.

The protagonists embrace the bride of mammon worship. This is a country where time to come and the time of yore does not change. The victims souls are destined to suffer till their last breath along with their families.

A voice rends the sky asunder when the victim and the perpetrator are face to face with each other, but nobody hears. Women in a lot of countries are bound to blow hither and thither like a forlorn ship tossed by the relentless and blind waves of the sea turned violent. 

The USA has tightened up its criminal law to the optimum and such kinds of cases are rarely reported there. This is because the law in the USA operates in the true spirit of protection for all.