Graduating can be a very exciting time in a persons' life. The world is at your feet, and you have the necessary Education to pursue a career in something that you've wanted to do for a long time. That sounds quite easy, and for some of us recent grads who made the necessary connections throughout their years at University it is, but for the rest of us we are left in a position of scratching our heads and wondering what's the next chapter. 

A degree hanging on the wall

That is exactly where I stand right now. I have my degree hanging on my wall in my room but the initial excitement of that has worn off.  Although I just finished school a couple of months ago, I am upset about still working my minimum wage job that I had throughout school.

While you are in school working these types of jobs isn't really a big deal, I mean it shows you exactly why are you getting the degree that you are working on. These types of jobs that I have been working since I was 14 have been the reason that I wanted to go to school and use my brain instead of just my body. 

Start networking early on. 

If I can give students who are just starting University or College now any kind of advice, it would be this; Start your networking early on, stay in contact with these people throughout your years of school, and try to do internships. If you do this, you could potentially save a lot of catching up once you finish. I know that is easy to say, and during your first couple of years you want to go out with your friends and have a good time, and you certainly aren't worried about volunteering or asking to do an internship.

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If you were to do this your future self would certainly thank you.

Who you know and who knows you. 

I say this because now I have some of the necessary skills to work a job in my field but without the connections, that brings your percentage of getting hired down drastically. I recently read an article similar to the one I am writing now and the author of the article said it isn't just who you know but also who knows you. Once you hand your resume into a place w you want to work, you can bet that if they know you, even if your qualifications aren't quite as good as someone else's, the chances of your resume getting picked are still quite good. 

Don't be shy, and don't get down on yourself. 

This is the last bit of advice I would like to give, and that is to create a LinkedIn account: and if you already have one don't be shy to use it. While making your profile, make sure to add everything that you've ever done that an employer might like to see. Keep adding connections, even if you don't know them, and even if they don't live in the same area as you.

If they add you back, message them, ask them how they got their foot in the door, ask them if they could give you any help at all. Make the conversation about them, it isn't a mystery that people love to talk about themselves. If they do live close to you, ask them out for coffee, I have done this a couple of times and got some very valuable information from these people. If you can take one thing out of this article it would be, don't be shy. This is for all of the grads out there who don't have a job yet; don't stop applying, don't stop networking, and most importantly don't get down on yourself.