On Monday the Supreme Court ruled that Texas' attempt to further regulate abortion clinics in the state was unconstitutional. Though this was an individual court ruling, a lot was riding on this decision. In the 1992 Supreme Court case Planned Parenthood vs. Casey SCOTUS ruled that regulations on abortion could be made as long as they didn't place an undue burden on the woman seeking the abortion. The Supreme Court did not make any attempts to define what constituted an undue burden, which has effectively allowed states to make regulations that make it nearly impossible to receive an abortion, simply because no one can prove that these regulations are an undue burden.

The Texas law up for review in the SCOTUS case attempted to make it harder for women to receive abortions by forcing clinics to have ambulatory surgery facilities and forcing doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. These restrictions forced the majority of Texas' abortion clinics to close, meaning women had to travel hundreds of miles to receive a legal abortion. SCOTUS' ruling on Monday upholds the belief that these requirements posed an undue burden and were therefore unconstitutional.

A huge win for feminism

This decision means that the highest court in the United States believes that women have a right to make their own decisions about their bodies. Before 1973, when SCOTUS ruled on Roe v Wade women were not fully in control of their own bodies. Something that should have been a personal decision was a crime, and many women died committing that crime.

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Imagine as a man being told that you could never get a vasectomy. It would never happen because men's bodies belong to them, not the #Government. Laws that try to impede access to abortion tell women that their bodies don't belong to them; that their bodies belong to the government. Those laws tell women that they are not valuable or important enough to make decisions about their own bodies.

On Monday SCOTUS definitively stated that women's bodies belong to them, just like they did when they ruled on Roe v. Wade. SCOTUS made it clear that laws that restrict a woman's rights to make decisions about her own body are unconstitutional. Women are finally able to control their bodies in the same ways men have been able to for years. 

It's pathetic that it took a court ruling to create equality in bodily autonomy. As humans, women deserve just as much access to decision making as men. No court should need to rule on that issue, but the fact that they have means the country is taking big steps toward true equality. Feminists everywhere thank you SCOTUS. Please keep doing the right thing.  #News