The Orlando shooting is over and over 50 people have been killed. The sequence of events is well known but some important lessons need to be learned. The killings have brought America face to face with a danger long kept under wraps by the political leadership. Obama, a pseudo supporter of Islam is guilty of not identifying the problem. Hillary is similarly guilty as well. Both these leaders still talk of terror and never use the word Muslim terror. I wonder who these worthies want to fool. It was left to Donald Trump to speak the unspeakable word Muslim terror.

Battle against Islamic terror

Islam is the only religion in the world that condones terror activities.

Suicide bombers are honored and are assured they will go to paradise where 72 virgin wives await them. America for long is classified as the 'great Satan' by the Muslim leadership. Many Americans say all Muslims are not terrorists. Very true, but the so-called moderate Muslims are rarely seen. Silently they acquiesce with the terror attacks. Obviously someone has to bell the cat and Donald Trump is the only man to identify Islamic terror. He has called on Obama to resign for his failure to identify the source of these terror activities, namely Muslim terror. He has now repeated his proposal to ban the entry of Muslims into the USA. One must state here that banning entry of Muslims is a good step, but what about the Muslims already in the USA?

The danger within

Muslims in the USA by numerous acts have shown that they have no loyalty to America.

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Even soldiers kill their comrades without compunction in the name of Islam. The incident at Fort Hood comes to mind. Hillary and Obama have reduced the American will to fight this internal terror. One can recollect how both these two tried to white wash the Benghazi killings. They wanted to deflect the religious angle. Sadly the American ambassador was killed. Obama has also been championing resettlement of Muslim refugees in America. It is well known that Muslims even after decades in the home country still rise up and do terrorist acts. France is an example and now that nation is in a perpetual state of emergency. Yet Obama would like more Muslim refugees to be admitted to America. I am afraid, America needs a leader better than Obama and now Hillary. The coming to power of Hillary may well be the sign that America's great power days are over.