Iremember when I first ventured into business as an entrepreneur-I was building a talent management company called “Drop The Beat.” That was my passion, and we were coordinating upcoming musicians, models, poets, spoken artist, booking tours, making records and managing producers.

I enjoyed the perfect moment of my life, and I still recall those moments with a lot of affection. We did a lot of significant things in terms of pushing the upcoming artists to superstar level and elevating them to a global platform. It adjourned well, and we enjoyed every moment of it. I shared the experience with the founder the other day, and the first statement he said was discouraging.

“You couldn’t have moved that far anyway,” I recalled that statement later, and I couldn't believe it. That the most embarrassing statement because it only from one place. An individual who doesn’t view any business as legal if it is not an ascendable startup.

I have had such statement many times throughout my career. I have got in-depth passion and love for design, client work, content creation, fashion, creativity, and lifestyle brands. As an ambitious entrepreneur, this is theworkthat I am into. Furthermore, I have been discouraged many times by startup founders who do not add any impact to those kinds of businesses. Can I tell you some reality? Tech startups, marketplaces, platforms, and scalability, are not the only avenues of a successful business.

And they are not the only determination of happy entrepreneurs.

Investing in your passionate idea

I firmly believe there is only a single company worth launching. Only one business model or idea worth pursuing. It is the only one that you be driven to work on right now or even in five years to come. It is the one that means a lot to you, and you can honestly offer a careabout.

It is the one you are passionate about.

So, this is an idea that keeps on reflecting in my mind. Because I love entrepreneurship, and I love business, and I have a burning desire for startups. However, startups are not the be all and end all, and they do not limit you to the number of businesses you can launch.

I have interacted with a lot of individuals who finds it difficult to explain their business because they are struggling to fit into the culture and tendency of startup or mold as if it is the magical category. But it is not necessary to do that because if you are constructing a web design agency, for instance, there is no need to call it a design startup. Instead, you can call it any good name you love but remember what you are simply doing is incorporating different labels on what initially was a small business.

There is nothing wrong with a small business

If you are launching a fashion brand, there is no need to make it a platform or rather hide behind labels. You can probably call it any beautiful name you love.

For instance, a shoe company, or a line of T-shirts any name that resembles the business can do. However, the biggest mistake is to compare your business with your peers' companies and try to get discouraged on your journey as an entrepreneur on why you are building a scalable startup. Do not feel like you owe anyone an apology on why you should build the business you love. Besides, if the idea you like is just you, recording a voiceover in your living room from your iPad that is great too.

At the end of the day, the crucial thing is the choices you make are what counts, and you have no option but to keep working on them even if things seems pointless. The perfect way to integrate that is to construct the business you are passionate about.

Build the business you passionate about. There is only one enterprise worth launching, and it is the one you are prepared to dedicate your time working on.

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