Barack Hussein #Obama will be laying down the office at the end of his 2 terms. Despite all that people say, the fact remains he was elected fair and square.  An American friend mentioned to me that he won the presidency by a permutation and combination of votes. But this is what democracy is; it is a victory by a permutation of votes and alliances. Obama is condemned as being soft on Muslims. Maybe there is an element of truth in it but it was expected given the fact that his father was a Muslim and he himself went to a Muslim school for 2 years. What exactly is the legacy of Obama?

Obama as president; the positives.

Obama came to power on a sense of hope after the philandering of the Bush presidency.

The fact is, after Roosevelt, no American president can be labeled 'great'.  All of them dragged America into crippling wars and in the end ruined the economy. It's a sobering thought that a large part of the economy is mortgaged to China and Saudi Arabia. Obama stopped the #war culture and one can see that after a long time an American president did not start a war. One can thank him for this small mercy. He took some revolutionary steps like visiting Cuba and Vietnam. In time to come, the significance of this overture will be revealed. Obama also realized the danger of China and has tried to forge a strategic relationship with India. In addition, he has waged a cost-effective war by eliminating the top terrorist leadership of the Muslim world with drone attacks. He could perhaps do more, but a hostile Congress thwarted him

The weakness of Obama.

One fact that does stand out is the perceived sympathy of Obama for Islam.

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This is something that has been commented upon. He claims he is upholding American values, but that is stretching things a bit too far. Perhaps Obama treated the Muslim terror groups with kid gloves to avoid an all-out assault. He also favored the settling of Syrian refugees in the USA, but this went against popular sentiment. His covering up of the Benghazi killings by trying to insinuate that this was a reaction to the screening of an obscure film on Mohammed was the lie of the year. Was he soft on Islam? His nuclear deal with Iran may also turn sour. I think America needed Obama to exorcise  the soul of slavery and discrimination. Maybe it was a historical necessity. At the end of the day, the presidency of Obama has some plus points, but overall he missed that element of greatness that is essential for a US president in the present age and time.