A one world order won't work

You can't get two people to agree on what happened at an accident scene much less multiple countries agreeing on a one world government. Hence the Brexit and if I'm right France, Spain, Italy, and perhaps Greece may soon follow. The only place the mixing of cultures has worked is here in the United States. I have often asked myself why here and no where else? 

The answer is simple: democracy. To come to the United States, people were willing to mix their culture with a brand new experiment. One where inclusion actually worked. We were able to knit our old cultures into this democratic country and the mixture worked well.

We believe in freedom of speech and religion even if we do not like what people are saying or believing (within reason.) You have the right to own a firearm, however that does not mean an assault weapon where you can run amok killing people. That will soon change, but it should be done by a vote, not by an act of congress.

The mixing of cultures

In America you can have Chinese for lunch, Italian for dinner then throw in some Indonesian for dessert. And that's just at my house. One of my daughters-in-law is Indonesian/Chinese and we were so proud when she became an American citizen. We celebrate our grandchildren's diversity and work hard at making them appreciate their Chinese-American culture. My daughter-in-law is determined her children will get the best out of being a United States citizen.

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That could be why our 14 year-old grandson is entering college this September.

The other daughter-in-law is first generation American. Her parents are from Italy. I won't start talking about Dominique's ability to cook and Josephine's warm personality that took such good care of us when my mother-in-law passed away last year. One of our granddaughters spoke Italian before English. The other granddaughter has her grandfather's Comanche nose (and temper.) At my house, it is the United Nations at work and there are occasions where I can't get any of them to agree on anything. 

Keeping the United States free

The majority of people in the United States do not want a one world government. In fact, it is the American culture to keep government as close to the people as possible. I, for one, do not want our government much less someone else's government telling me what to do. When I discovered Brussels was going to monitor tea pot usage in the UK, I became upset.  Americans are independent minded and like to do things their way.

That's why we vote on matters, but we also accept the will of the people even if we don't like it.  Americans pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get on with life when life is getting us down. We do not expect others to do it for us. 

I am grateful to be a United States citizen and can't imagine living anywhere else. Our body of people work hard at keeping the country free. There is nothing wrong with safety nets and health care, but when senators start calling middle-class Americans the unwashed masses, I get very concerned. Our government body is only there because we elected them. They do themselves a disservice when they think we are not listening. Because we are.  #Donald Trump #Democrats vs Republicans #Brexit