The Donald Trump Problem.

Trump has dominated the news cycle over the past year. There are many people who strongly believe that he is the best thing for the country. The problem is that he does not understand what it takes to win an election. Over the past couple of months, he has repeatedly said things that no presidential candidate should.

Unless the #GOP wants to get routed in November, they need to stand up now to address the ongoing sage of #Donald Trump. Recent polling suggests that Hillary Clinton is going to win the election in a landslide. With several potential Supreme Court seats opening up, this is disastrous for Republicans across the country.

Timid Following.

The populous following of Trump is very strong. There are millions of blue collar workers across the country who feel left behind. In coal country, entire towns have been shut down as a result of legislation from President Obama. These people are clinging to him because they believe that he can change the way things are going for them. However, the GOP has a problem with polling. Although he does have a rapid fan base, this base is not enough to get him elected. It was enough when it was just the primary, but now that there are only two candidates the polling situation is dire. Several weeks ago, many GOP leaders came out and endorsed him. There are a lot of people who regret this decision now. Some leaders have even pulled back their endorsements of Donald Trump in the wake of some of his recent comments.

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Where Do They Go From Here?

It is too late to find another candidate to represent the GOP. The party is in this mess because they did not take care of Trump in the beginning. The strong and loyal Trump base was enough to get him the party nomination, but it is way too small for him to win the overall election. GOP leaders are in a bad situation and are looking at four more years of a Democrat in office. GOP leaders should start focusing on congressional races in hopes that they can prevent a Democratic sweep in November. #Election 2016