President Obama, in an address to students of Cairo university stated that America was never at war with Islam and never will be. This statement per se looks innocuous, but it shows the mindset of Obama. What was the need to make such a statement? The fact is the US President wanted to take the sting out of the word Islamic terror and speak in general terms of terror. He wanted that terror should not be connected to Islam and he has stated many times that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorists who profess the Islamic faith an aberration. Recently on a visit to Malaysia, he also wanted the world to acknowledge the Muslim refugee problem and help in their settlement.

He forgot that such refugees even after years turn on the nation's who gave them refuge. He reiterated that Islam is a religion of peace.

Double-speak in Islam

One wishes that this is true, but the reality is different. Acts of #Terrorism and beheadings of opponents draw sustenance from Islamic scriptures. There are passages that advocate peace and love, but there are also passages that can be interpreted to mean the exact opposite. In other words, there is a lot of double-speak. In America, Muslims constitute less than 1% of the population, yet this microscopic minority has shaken America with acts of terror and caused the death of thousands of citizens. Even Muslims in uniform have obeyed the call of the Mullah and killed their own brethren.

A paralysis that envelopes

Despite these acts of terror, the mainstream politicians are averse to talk about Islamic terror.

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Many like #Hillary Clinton digress and talk about ' gun control,' in the same breath. The purpose is to whitewash a despicable act of terror like the killing of nearly 50 persons at a night club. Hillary is not alone in this and innumerable leaders do not wish to identify that the source of terror is Islam. Obama is the champion as he obfuscates. The mainstream press also toes the government line and generally reports incidents that do not bring Islam into focus. Sometimes mainstream media brings out the involvement of religion belatedly as if this is something to be ashamed of. The fact is whether Obama states it or not, most Islamists consider America their enemy no 1. One can recollect that in places like Pakistan and Palestine, Muslims distributed sweets after 9/11. Generally, Muslims were happy and none can deny it. America has a big problem and unless it is solved, such attacks will continue. There is a need to identify that the source of the problem is the religion itself. After decades, only one leader in the shape of Donald Trump has had the courage to identify the source of the problem. It's about time the American people realize the true nature of the enemy within.