Marriage refusal by a woman teacher sent her to the graveyard. The owner of a school launched a murderous attack on the home of Maria Sadaqat. Maria, a budding school teacher succumbed to her burns at the local hospital. All this happened close to the Presidential House of Pakistan, in Islamabad. The elderly people of the area are making strenuous efforts to hush-up the matter. Pressure on the woman’s family is mounting to enter into a compromise with the killer. 


In Pakistan, schooling is responsible for the want of awareness among the students at educational institutions.

These students develop into men, women, fathers and mothers. Intolerance must be rooted out through moral teaching to eradicate criminals

Honor at stake.

The honor conscious extremists and fanatics make peace-loving humans go through a tough time.


These fanatics have made the head of the nation hang in shame. Such gruesome killings are not a novelty in the country. Thousands of women have been sacrificed on the altar of “honor-killings”. The son of the school owner approved the deceased teacher for marriage. The marriage proposal was turned down by the parents of the slain teacher. The teacher did not  consent to the proposal as the man was already married and has kids. The failure of consent caused her tragic death. This incident did not mark a new chapter of burning the women alive. Pakistan’s history is replete with brutal murders of women. In the outside world, the percentage of divorce may be on the rise but the women are not doused with petrol and set on fire. One does not ever hear of such incidents in the USA, as the Americans know how to treat humanity.   

Pakistani men.   

The majority of Pakistani men thrust their own will and wishes on women.

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Their wishes must be translated into reality by the women and if their wishes do not see the light of the day, the man's honor is at stake. So, exacting revenge becomes necessary. In Pakistan, 80 percent of women cannot make their own choice in matrimonial matters. Backwardness is wide-spread; to the extent that denial from women regarding marriage leads to the burning. Women are subservient to the men by tradition, and the next generation always follows in the footsteps of its elders. 

Excessive brutality.

This area is said to be strictly religious, but no religion across the world should preach intolerance and brutality. The head of this teaching institution exceeded all the limits of brutality. In most of the incidents of this nature, the blood relations of the victims are involved.