This is an open letter to Lizzie Crocker of The Daily Beast, who recently defended sweatshops in Sri Lanka; needless to say; I am appalled.

Dear Lizzie,

I was appalled to read your defense of sweatshops in Sri Lanka. I will not enter into the specific case; the lady in question may have just signed a contract to give her name to a brand. What appalls me is your justification of sweatshops: studies show that you need 33,000 Rupees to survive in Sri Lanka; why did you not take this into consideration? Why do you not consider the working conditions? Are Humans not entitled to dignity? Why do you think that because people are less lucky than you, and were born poor, that gives anybody a right to keep them poor while the exploiters make loads of money out of them?

In the end, for Top Shop etc., paying twice the wage would not even impact the retail price to the minimum. I bet they spend more money on toilet paper for their CEO than they spend for the people whom they keep in actual slavery.

Justification is wrong.

Your justification of sweatshops goes along the lines of “they need us, so we have every right to exploit them”; well, that’s exactly what’s wrong with this world, and the fact that you feel that you have to justify it is disgusting to the extreme. It disgusts me that a Human being should feel the right to find pathetic excuses to defend a system that is holding other Human beings, with the same feelings, the same hearts and the same right to a dignified life as you or I have in conditions that can only be described as inhumane.

Let me tell you one thing: sometimes, what is legal is not what is moral. You had the moral choice to try to change a corrupt system; instead. you defended it!

Shame on you!

PS: As a gay man, seeing you fly the rainbow flag, I am asking you to take it down: I refuse to be associated with a paper that tells me I have the right to be treated fairly, while asks me to believe that others shouldn’t just because they were born in a different part of the world.

Equality is either for all or it just does not exist.

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