Tuesday, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn took to the Senate floor and began a nearly 15-hour filibuster to advocate his solution to the massacre committed by Omar Mateen, an ISIS-inspired terrorist, at a gay nightclub called the Pulse in Orlando, Florida. His solution involves denying firearms to anyone who is on a terrorist watch list, such as the no-fly list. He was joined by a number of other Senate Democrats and, oddly Donald Trump, who vowed to use his Art of the Deal superpowers to talk to the NRA about the idea.

The filibuster and the proposed gun control legislation is the sort of posturing that always occurs when a mass casualty shooting takes place in the United States. The idea is that the firearm, invariably called by the scary name of an “assault rifle”, was a demonic object that took possession of its owner and made him commit the atrocity. Deny certain classes of people, or better yet, all people access to firearms and mass killings would cease.

The problem is that being on a terrorist watch list or a no-fly list does not imply one is actually guilty of a crime, just that one might commit one in the future.

No due process is involved. From time to time, innocent people find themselves on such lists and have to undergo lots of hassle to get off of them. Thus, taking away someone’s second amendment right to keep and bear arms simply because the government suspects a person of something does not pass constitutional muster.

The FBI is against such a measure because it would tend to alert a suspect that he or she is under scrutiny by law enforcement. A would-be terrorist who is denied the right to purchase a firearm would be warned that the FBI is on to him or her.

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As a final lid on the silliness being advocated by Murphy and company, the proposed legislation would not have stopped Mateen. He had been taken off the watch list by the FBI by the time he bought the weapon with which he murdered all of those people.

Why are Murphy and company pushing a measure that would make no difference, is opposed by the FBI, and is unconstitutional? Partly, the reason is that politicians like to be seen as doing something about a crisis, even if that something is absurd. Also, being liberals, Murphy, and his fellow Senate Democrats want to use the Orlando massacre to whittle away at the right of people to keep and bear arms.

Their ultimate goal is an Australian-style gun confiscation and a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

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