Shooter games are always popular but it's a genre that has also been over-saturated by poor titles and lazy knock-offs. As a result, many great titles are often overlooked upon release and never earn the success they deserve. The original Hard Reset is an example of such a shooter, an amazing title that was overlooked at launch. It didn't have an unforgettable story or pretended to be a blockbuster movie, it was a simple shooter set in a cyberpunk world.

A lost classic

Hard Reset Redux is an upgraded version that features a few minor improvements while preserving the experience of the original. The game is set in a dystopian world where humanity is waging a war against the machines that want to control and assimilate with Sanctuary, a network that holds billions of digitized minds.

Players take on the role of Maj. Fletcher, a CLN soldier tasked with defending the last closed city of Bezoar.

Hard Reset Redux takes players to a cyberpunk world that is inspired by the works of great writers like Philip K. Dick and Neal Stephenson. The story is told through a series of comic panels while the game is loading, these give players the details they need of what's going on. Even though it's a simple shooter, one really needs to take the time to appreciate the environment. Each level is well detailed with the most memorable elements of the cyberpunk genre and it truly sets the gritty tone.

Old-school gameplay

When it comes to the gameplay, if one has played a title like Serious Sam or Quake then they will feel right at home with Hard Reset Redux. Players have two weapons that can be upgraded and the objective is to battle through the levels.

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Both weapons can be upgraded with new features (like a built in shotgun) using points collected. The combat is very simple as players just shoot anything that moves while using the environment to their advantage.

It may not seem like much but sometimes all it takes for a title to stand out is to be a basic return to the simplicity of the genre. Hard Reset Redux for the PlayStation 4 is a simple shooter that old school gamers will appreciate while younger gamers will also enjoy when they want a break from titles like Fallout 4 and Call of Duty.

Final Score: 7/10 #Video Game