Recently in a chat with reporters, John McCain (a leading Republican politician) squarely blamed President Obama for the rise of the ISIS and ipso facto for the Orlando massacre. Later he clarified that he had been misrepresented as he did not mean that President Obam was personally responsible for the massacre, but had followed policies that led to the revival of ISIS. The senator also added that the rise in ISIS was a direct result of the withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq in 2011 and this had created a resultant vacuum that had been filled by the die-hard ISIS terror group led by Al-Baghdadi. He also mentioned that he had warned against the withdrawal at that time. 

Senator McCain

Senator McCain is a die-hard Republican and was their nominee during the 2008 election against Obama.

He has been on Capital Hill for close to 33 years. He is also a war veteran and played a stellar role as a pilot in in the Vietnam war. His plane was shot down and he spent nearly 5 years as a POW in North Vietnam. His word should be taken with due respect. Obama recently stated that he had taken measures that had severely limited the power of the ISIS to wage a war. Unfortunately, the head of the CIA contradicted Obama and stated that the ability of ISIS to wage a war and indulge in terror activities against the US had not been dented and it still could strike back. The fact is that despite incessant bombing by the USAF, ISIS still holds large swathes of territory in Iraq and also receives a steady supply of recruits from Europe and the USA. Now Muslims from India are also joining ISIS.

Withdrawing from Iraq

Bush created the problem by removing Saddam.

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After him, the problem was further aggravated by Obama who in trying to set a Bush wrong right committed another mistake by withdrawing the US army from Iraq. This created a vacuum and the Iraqi army (mostly Shia) was easily defeated by highly trained and motivated Sunni forces under Baghdadi and in a moment, large areas of Iraq fell. Presently, IS is matching the Iraqi army which is making tardy progress and as yet has been unable to capture Fallujah. Perhaps, there is an element of truth in the allegations of McCain as a vibrant ISIS gives inspiration to many Jihadis who target innocent people like the Muslim gunman did in Orlando.