Lately, a few national polls show Hillary Rodham Clinton leading Donald Trump, and Bernie is suddenly feeling the burn for Clinton. Meanwhile, mainstream media, who produced most of those polls, is anxiously and prematurely rejoicing in their dream candidate’s victory over Trump in November. However, Clinton supporters beware; the coming US presidential election is far from being decided in Clinton’s favor. The perfect legal/political storm is churning between her and her White House bid. It is a storm that gains strength each day.


Results of FBI investigation will be devastating

Impeding Clinton’s lust for more power is an ongoing criminal investigation resulting from her mishandling of national security as Secretary of State. In short, Clinton says she had her unsecured basement-installed computer server -- that also spent time in the bathroom closet of a small computer company in Colorado -- wiped clean. According to the Democrat who is well known for eluding truth, thousands of emails, including more than 30,000 she claims were “private” have been discovered.


With national security at stake, Mrs. Clinton, not known for transparency or integrity, would have us believe she had no idea that any of the emails were classified -- even though she was not using any other email service during her entire tenure as Secretary of State.

Multiple Freedom of Information lawsuits

At this juncture, the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation and has retrieved tons of evidence and information from Clinton’s confiscated server.

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Democratic Party

At the same time, FBI agents have, under oath, gleaned volumes of information from past and present Clinton cronies and aides, including the guy who installed the server. At the same time, filed under the Freedom of Information Act, multiple lawsuits are extracting a flurry of related evidence from witnesses and documents that do not bode well for Clinton.

Pres. Obama likely involved in cover up

Recitative mainstream media has wasted whatever credibility they had in an unrelenting if predictable quest to ensure Clinton’s ultimate coronation.

Despite mainstream media’s political hype and Clinton’s insistence that the FBI has nothing on her, it is the Obama administration’s need to keep a lid on the email investigation she’s counting on. Many if not all pundits realize by now that those fully redacted top-secret emails were likely sent by Pres. Obama or his closest aides. The Clinton investigation will continue to grow and it will only climax after a series of brutal leaks leading up to a recommendation by the FBI to prosecute Clinton and several aides that will be summarily rejected by in-the-bag Atty.


Gen. Loretta Lynch as ordered by Pres. Obama. At that point, the polls will reverse and Clinton’s Nixonian run will come to a bad political end. In the process, the public will learn that the Clinton Foundation is nothing more or less than an influence-peddling, money-laundering operation the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Foreign hackers will harpoon Clinton campaign

Additionally, Russian intelligence agencies will soon begin releasing a steady drip of “hacked” classified emails extracted from Hillary Clinton’s rogue email server.


Ironically, it may not be the FBI that releases the most damning communications from Clinton’s unapproved off-the-record and therefore illegal server email system. Everyone from Wikileaks and Guccifer to Russia seems to have hacked Clinton’s homebrew server with ease and its classified contents are forthcoming. 

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